Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marriage Dream

Rarely do I remember my dreams, but I suspect they have some subtle value, so I take care to record them on my online journal here.

I dreamed of a coworker today, which is weird, because I scarcely think of him at all if he's not around. He's a nice elderly gentleman and good-looking for his advanced age. Let's call him Ricardo. He was driving my husband and I to the house of his mother, the richest widow in town. In the front seat was a man that Ricardo introduced to us as an investor who intended to purchase all the property the widow owned--and she owned a sizable chunk of the town, being a millionaire many, many times over, yet unpretentious in the way of the rich that possess a certain dignity and taste. Ricardo told me he intended to marry the man and thus retain his property. The marriage would be for the sake of dirty lucre. We drove to the widow's house, where she was not hearing it. Ricardo went to his knees and proposed to the businessman, but the widow turned her back on them in contempt.

In real life, the widow has been dead for years. Ricardo is not gay, but married to a woman, and is not her son. I am not sure how or why I connected two entirely different people, one living and one dead, in my dream. I think even my sleeping mind realized the dream was a farce and could not be real.

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