Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Like Hillary Clinton

After watching her for a half hour in the third debate, Hillary Clinton has won me over. She's smart, hard-working, and dedicated to her profession of statecraft. She prepares, thinks, and when necessary, delivers. She may prove to be among the better Presidents we have had in our history. I think the market will have a great year in 2017, because all the smart money is going to be on Hillary. She will bring stability, efficiency and intelligence to the executive branch. She's not a "wild card" like Trump, but will measure her words and actions for the best of the country. Experience matters, and Hillary has a lengthy career behind her.

I find it interesting that the media and the Republicans complain about Hillary's relatively minor mistakes over her 30-year career, whereas Trump has a list stretching from sea to shining sea of cheating workers, customers and contractors; not paying taxes and boasting about it; bankruptcies; sexual assault; outright lies and race-baiting; cozying up to the Russians--of all countries, the most toxic for a Presidential candidate; encouraging Russian interference in the U.S. election; attacking the integrity of our elections; alarming U.S. allies--and the list goes on without end. I don't see how any thinking person can vote for Trump. That he even made it this far points to the weakness of the other Republican candidates. I just don't think the Republicans have anyone that can step up to the job.
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