Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Handle ISIS Volunteers

When British or American ISIS militants return home, they should be treated as armed enemy combatants on the front line in a time of war. If their families take them in, then their families are clearly armed ISIS militants and should be treated in a similar fashion. Since ISIS cannot be trusted to abide by anything, there is no point in negotiating with them or allowing surrender.

There are too many radical Muslims in the West. They came over just for money with no other reason. They have no morality. Their loyalty is not to the West, but to their primitive and evil cult of savagery, which is based upon the acts of murder, looting and rape. Revoke their citizenship, but get them out of the West. Dropping radical Muslims from bombers along with bombs would be the most economical way to repatriate them with the Middle East. America does not have all the money in the world to be spent upon educating radical Muslim barbarians. We need to be spending more taxpayer money for the taxpayer's benefit and not to compensate for the lack of Muslim birth control.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

More News from Putridity

Putin's Putridity, Russia, having invaded and conquered a neighboring country without any cause but greed, is increasingly flying bombers near Western cities. I think there is an increased potential that the West may have to nuke Russia at some point, with Putin or his cohorts in charge. The world would not much miss a region that brought us only communist dictatorship, war, vodka, Russian Orthodoxy, bad manners, bad art, and bad music.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Give Judge Douglas a Break

I think it's wrong to give blackmailers the time of day. The Canadian justice system is considering whether to kick a judge off the bench because a low-life, lying, double-dealing, blackmailing scumbag posted nude photographs of her on the Internet. I think she should be exonerated, and the case dismissed out of hand. Who cares about nude photographs anyway? Is society not past that yet? I don't think seeing Obama nude or the Pope nude would fundamentally affect my opinion of either one of them. Is it so extremely difficult to imagine what people look like without clothes? I think the entire situation is preposterous. Dismiss the case and let the judge go on about her business. A big fat WHO GIVES A DAMN applies here. Tell the blackmailer where he can go!

Light Charges

I don't know what's wrong with the justice system that murder is counted so lightly in today's courts. Apparently one can kill a person and either get off scot-free or just serve a few years. The case where a college student died during a so-called "hazing ritual" should result in capital murder charges against all of the defendants, who should be put to death if found guilty. Manslaughter, my foot. When someone is beaten to death on a bus, you can squirt all the sugar-coating on it you like, but it is still a stinking murder, no better than if the victim were shot to death at point-blank range in broad daylight.

Friday, October 24, 2014


One thing's for sure, I'm not signing up with Comcast. If even half of what O'Rourke says is so, Comcast looks as bad as they come. The Public Relations cost alone is probably in the millions, in terms of potential lost customers.


The Register writes about everything, including Neanderthals, in an amusing way.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fine France

France should be expelled from NATO for making ransom payments to ISIS. Alternatively, they could be fined one thousand dollars for each dollar they paid to the terrorist organization. As an enabler that finances terrorism, France must be compelled to pay reparations to the victims of terrorism. At this time, American taxpayers are victims of ISIS, because our money is being used to attack ISIS. France should therefore pay American citizens.

In another story, turns out France is getting millions of euros in welfare. Of course, France plans to use all that money to finance terrorism around the world. Britain should abandon the E.U. and join instead with a trade union with the U.S. It seems to me that taxpayers in the U.K. and the U.S. have to pay the bill for the mistakes committed by other countries. We should instead demand reparations and receive dividends from every war.

Media Should Focus on Heroes

The media should focus on heroes, such as Mr. Vickers, rather than terrorists or insane criminals. The reason some people have a false impression about the world is that the media trumpets negativity rather than an accurate and mostly positive depiction of reality.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Purchasing Test for Computer Hardware

What do I look at when I need to purchase computer hardware?

The key word here is "need." Do I really need the damn thing after all? I hate spending money. Everyone should. The world would be a financially sounder place if the rest of the human race would stop and think about their purchases before making them. If the benefit to me outweighs, in my view, the cost, then I proceed to the next question. If I can afford to make a discretionary purchase even after saving for retirement and medical expenses and the proverbial rainy day--then and only then I'll buy. I do not believe in using credit for anything other than a home mortgage, even for the sake of the stupid one per cent rewards that credit card companies offer. No. Cash money up front, every time. No exceptions. Go by that rule, and you will live a calmer life. Credit card companies are parasites feeding upon the mentally feeble.

The first thing I look at with computer hardware is what other people are saying about it. Reputation matters. If a lot of people are having problems with a product, then there is probably something wrong with it. The other thing I look at is Linux compatibility. If a piece of hardware is not Linux-compatible, then it is a piece of garbage in my view. When computer systems reach retirement age, they evolve from Windows systems to Linux systems. I don't want any nasty surprise waiting for me ten years from now with a scanner, printer, video card or external enclosure for a hard drive. The #1 thing I look at is does it work in Linux. If not, pass.

Generally I buy the absolute minimum that I need and only purchase hardware that has been around for a while. Newly introduced hardware has two problems. First, it is more expensive. Second, it is untested and may have as yet unidentified problems. I know exactly how much testing many manufacturers do. The answer is not enough. The rush to market is insane, and quality controls just don't matter to the manager-types looking to boost sales figures. Again, I want to see a lot of positive reviews from respectable sources about a product, and then I might buy it. If other people are having a problem with the product, and the problem is not related to their ignorance, then I don't want that product.

In summary:

-I can afford it
-I really need it
-Good reputation of the manufacturer and the specific product
-Linux-compatible AND moreover, works very well with Linux (positive reviews help here)
-Been out for a while, not brand new
-Good price

Saturday, October 18, 2014

How Much to Spend for an HTPC

An HTPC really requires very little in computer hardware, I've discovered. A low-end Intel Haswell Celeron cpu (~$50), with its built-in Intel HD graphics, paired with 2 gigs of RAM is ample to render 1080p using any free Linux distro, though I'm partial to XFCE desktops such as Linux Mint Xfce. Anything more than 2 gigs is overkill, pure and simple. I stripped my HTPCs of their 4 gig sticks and reduced them to 2 gigs and noticed absolutely no difference in performance.

Linux really shines as an HTPC, and I don't understand why anyone would want to use Windows for that purpose. There's no reason at all. Why pay the license fee? Why wait twice as long for startup? Why bother installing an anti-virus? Also, if you go the Windows route, you certainly will want 4 gigs as opposed to 2 gigs. Windows is just more expensive all the way around, and there really is no need for it when the computer is intended to be an HTPC.

I steer clear of any AMD chips nowadays for two big reasons. One, AMD is wasteful when it comes to energy efficiency. Their low-energy offerings are pathetic and simply aren't worth considering against an Intel Celeron. Two, AMD's ATI graphics are horrible on Linux. I've run into nothing but problems trying to get their Catalyst driver working in Linux, to the point where I say "Never again." I won't even buy AMD chips for a Windows system, and why? Because eventually that Windows computer may one day be converted to Linux, and I don't ever want to have to deal with installing Catalyst in Linux. I don't think Catalyst runs that great in Windows either. The only video graphics I am willing to consider are Intel and Nvidia.

An SSD isn't really required for an HTPC in any way, shape or form, although I rather like using SSD for the operating system, simply because it allows fast booting. I consider an SSD a luxury.

Everyone should have an HTPC, and nowadays cost is not a barrier. Used computer components are amazingly cheap these days. There's only one component I will never buy used, and that's a hard drive. I have learned from hard experience to always buy new with a lengthy warranty. Refurbished or used hard drives just seem to fail at an extremely high rate in my experience, and I avoid them now. I think the main reason anyone would sell a hard drive is that the seller has doubts about its longevity. Well, the seller knows best. If he's selling his drive, it must be on death's door. Word to the wise.

Good for the Bishops

I'm pleased the Catholic bishops nixed welcoming gays in the Church. Anything to decrease the number of Catholics, I'm in favor of. Don't stop there, bishops. Please alienate more minority groups. Lack of social skills, social awareness and basic intelligence is the main reason that the Catholic church isn't what it used to be, and that's a good thing, because the Catholic church is a bad thing. Anytime someone with a little bit of brains tries to do something good in the church, the overwhelming majority of nitwits will veto it, because that's what Catholicism is all about, being a nitwit. The non-Catholic countries are all doing better in every possible way than the Catholic countries and have done so for a very long time. Perhaps having fundamentally the wrong idea about human existence has a catastrophic effect on a lot of other things in a society as well. Having a good philosophy has a lot of benefits--measurable benefits.

Friday, October 17, 2014


To the extent Turkey assists ISIL, Turkey should be treated in exactly the same way as ISIL. More and more, Turkey seems like Iran, and less like anything approaching a modern republic. It is devolving into another terrorist state, perhaps the final destination for all Muslim countries. The only way Islam spreads is through violence, because it is inherently a violent religion based upon rape, murder, and fascism.

Monday, October 13, 2014

I Credit the Pope for Brains

The Catholic Church certainly seems to be acting in its own self-interest to stem the bleeding of numbers. Yes, Pope Francis, play nice with the gays and quit the quibbles over contraception. Then the Church might, might just, be able to stem the tide a little bit.

Once a soul has been disenchanted with the Church, pretty much they are free forever, shod of religion altogether, in my experience. There was a long, long horrific period when many churches pretty much declared themselves the enemies of gays, for no scriptural, moral or rational reason, but for pure prejudice and ignorance, which was stupid. Result? A considerable percentage of gays are atheists, agnostics or at least non-traditional in their spiritual beliefs. Thank you for that. That was a gift, the liberation of many minds, including my own. Who knows, I might be tithing otherwise. Now that the Church is getting intelligent for a change, the atheists are going to have to step up their game. It used to be that atheists had to do nothing to make converts. The Church made converts to atheism on its own.

In the future, we will see, but my money is still on the atheists and the spiritualists. The Church always seems a generation behind the times, doing the right thing only when it doesn't matter anymore and their position has already become irrelevant.

The Goddess just laughs at all of this drama.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Donating to Terrorism

I don't understand all the billions being donated to Palestinians after their Gaza War. They need to be paying reparations to Israel to pay for the cost of the war, which was all their fault. The West is stupid in that it keeps paying the terrorists to buy more weapons, then bombs the terrorists after they kill civilians, which is what terrorists do. The only people making money in this scenario are the arms merchants, who apparently control our governments through bribery and corruption.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Pakistan is populated by savages, if this story is any indication of the general mentality. Why is Islam such an evil cult?

At least the noun makes sense in English:

Is • lam(e)

The minute someone reveals their muslimitis, or infection of the brain by Islam, their estimated morality plunges below average.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A No-Brainer

This particular legal question should be a no-brainer, but one never knows. I'm rather appalled that Amazon continues to abuse its warehouse workers even after all the bad press they have received. That makes me feel better about not buying things from Amazon, since they now hit their customers with state sales tax.

Amazon, if any one of your products costs $0.01 more than any other retailer on the Internet, then I'm not buying from you, because morally you're just the same if not worse. There is zero loyalty to Amazon. I get a creepy feeling just thinking about the people that run Amazon. They have no morals, so what's to stop them from selling tainted or defective products, other than fear of punishment?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fleecing the Sheep

What amused me most on the occasions I tuned in to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were the commercials. Gold was being pushed big-time, and at a time when gold was already oversold. Those cynical advertisers certainly knew where to find the goldbugs. Obama the Muslim Anti-Christ was going to bring on the Apocalypse, and only gold would retain any value, see. It's common sense, don't ya know.

Well, turns out gold has fallen from 1700/oz to 1200/oz this year. That is a double-digit decline, and the bottom of the market is not even in sight yet. I expect that the market will fall to as low as $800 an ounce. Looks to me like the right-wing sheep have been shorn, and those gold merchants are cackling all the way to the bank. I suppose they knew their audience and capitalized upon them. Ain't that just the beauty of Capitalism?

I may not the greatest forecaster of markets, but I know one thing. Buy cheap, sell dear.

And if an investment is being sold through paid advertisements, then it definitely is not a good investment. I wouldn't be interested in anything sold by commercial on Fox News, because it would be tainted already in my view. Something is wrong with the program, and something is wrong with the products being promoted during breaks.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Good Memories

When a loved one dies, whether friend or family, one remembers the good days, the Spring, Summer and Fall, but not the Winter of life. The same applies as when savoring a pot of tea--can it be judged by the dregs? I cherish the good memories, but dismiss the last stages of decline as being irrelevant, other than providing a lesson. I will probably want to skip the very worst stages of decline myself rather than endure them, because I don't really see the point, all things considered. I don't put any stock in religious notions of leaving existence "in God's hands." I will place my own existence in my own hands, thank you very much, and keep the change. Indeed, we are the hands of God.

New Espionage Post for China in New York

China purchased a new espionage headquarters in New York City today--the Waldorf Astoria, where lots of Western elite discuss secret and personal matters. How much do you want to bet that the top business and political leaders in the U.S. will be totally clueless and book rooms there without any awareness that everything they do, say, and transmit through cyberspace will go directly to China?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

If You Booze, You Lose

Based on the content of the some of the comments I've received, particularly from Anonymous readers, I am recommending the Freethinkers Alcoholics Anonymous web site to help those damaged and impaired minds kick their addiction to alcohol. Hell is found in a bottle. Remember, if you booze, you lose. Be a winner. Stop drinking, and start Thinking. Turn that frown upside down!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

China's Hired Thugs

More news from Hong Kong. I really don't see how anyone can defend China. Whatever it was before, a communist dictatorship evolving into a capitalist dictatorship, right now it's a kleptocracy, with crooks holding the power and unwilling to share any with the people.

A country with no morality at all and no legitimate legal system and no free press and no uncensored Internet is not the country I want to download software from. For that matter, I don't think our Western business leaders are wise to send all our jobs over to China. They may make a little money in the short-term but in the long-term they or their descendents will regret that fateful decision.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Young People Have to Tackle Climate Change

The young people are going to have to tackle climate change, because they are the ones that will be chiefly impacted by it--they and, moreover, their descendents. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that they are politically active and intensely engaged in the electoral process.

I'm sure that is the case. I'm sure young people are very concerned about politics right now, and not too interested in video games, mobile devices, music or social media. I'm sure everyone in the 18-25 range is voting in every election and reading about politics on a daily basis.

If not, too bad for them. The planet, she is a-changing, and there's not really much being done to stop the changing. Pretty much business as usual is the rule of the day. Either people are interested in politics, or they're not. They don't see climate change as impacting their daily lives yet. By the time it does, that will be too late. Surely the stock market will suffer repercussions. Betting on those 401-K's probably isn't as safe as people think it is. More of a gamble, I would think, a gamble that the investments will actually pay off, that the market will be around, the government be around. Governments, companies, and the wealth of nations have come and gone in human history. I bet the Romans thought their government would be around forever. Well, it wasn't. One day the barbarians took over and stole all the crown jewels. It used to be that England was one of the richest countries in the world. Of course, America has lost much wealth in recent history, due to the stupidity of the leaders who will just blow money on anything, money that the nation does not have, by the way. Deeper in debt we go, year after year.

Perhaps the survivalists are right, and it's a good time to stockpile food, tools, and weapons. The trouble with their strategy lies in predicting the actual timing and severity of calamity. Climate change by its very nature is unpredictable. I would expect random, gradual alterations rather than anything sudden that would justify hiding in a hole. I'm not against hiding in a hole. Certainly an underground cave would be preferable to above-ground radiation, extreme climate, or violent conflict. I think survivalists may be trapped in a nuclear apocalypse mindset, thinking that a crisis will be sharp and sudden, rather than slow and inexorable. It is difficult for me to believe that nations would be foolish enough to exchange nuclear weapons against each other. Self-preservation is a powerful instinct.
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