Saturday, December 28, 2013

Age of Titans Works in Linux Under Wine

I was surprised to find that Age of the Titans, a classic Windows game, really does work in Linux using Wine. As far as I'm concerned, they just don't make video games like they used to. I'm a creature of habit and remain loyal to some of the old video games. Upon reflection, all the games I like are old. Chess is the oldest of them all, but Dungeon Crawl is certainly no spring chicken and is based on something even older, Rogue.

I have a purchased copy of both Age of Mythology and Age of the Titans. Like many charming old video games, they are available for peanuts on E-bay or Amazon. One can always purchase an old game for a fraction of the price of a new one. I think I bought my copies for about $5-15, tops, including shipping. Of course, I use some sort of No-CD patch in order to remove the copy protection, because I find the games virtually unplayable otherwise. I don't mind paying for software, but I can't be bothered shuffling a CD around, and copy protection also interferes with Wine on Linux.

I plan to burn a DVD with everything needed to install and enhance Age of the Titans. I think that will be a time-saver if I ever need to install it again, which I think is quite likely in the years to come.

I like to use a lot of enhancements from Age of Mythology Heaven. There are some very talented gamers in the world that have no problem developing enhancements for a game for free. I suppose I'm no different in that regard. There is a delight to be had in creation.

One of the problems in Linux has always been a lack of games, when compared to Windows, but Wine helps bridge that gap. I am pleased I won't have to keep a silly Windows XP system alive just to play a game.


Anonymous said...

Hey Igor,
What is your opinion on Steam? I'm not a big gamer, but I am curious of how Steam works. Running Mint KDE 16 and installed the Steam software today and it looks pretty slick. Downloading Team Fortress 2 for free and shall see how it works, but I have slow connection and will have to wait overnight to play. But I was thinking in the future this Steam could be huge for Linux. If you have a top end computer then why would one need to buy a game console such as Playstation or Xbox?

Happy holidays!


igor said...

I do not have any opinion. I plan to try Steam one day and am pleased you offered your report on it. I encourage you to post updates on your progress. I do not unfortunately have a top-end computer, quite the opposite, ha ha! My desktop PC consumes about 45 watts. I suppose my reward will be in Heaven, although I must save a couple pennies every month on the electric bill.

I agree Steam may be a game-changer for Linux in more ways than one.

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