Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dos Equis / Heineken Does Not Honor Rebates

Anyone considering buying Dos Equis beer on the strength of their seemingly generous rebates ought to think again. They took my rebate and the UPC codes I painstakingly clipped out and mailed and threw it in the trash can, mailing me a little postcard that told me my rebate had been rejected due to "No UPC Code submitted," which was a lie. Now I will think of one thing whenever I see Dos Equis or Heineken beer, and that is their Lie, and the liars that lie about things in order to sell their product.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Mummies suck at most things, so Ashenzari is the god to worship if your character is a mummy.

Incidentally, Mummies have been reformed since olden days, and now the Mummy race is very playable. I recommend trying out a Mummy Necromancer worshiping Ashenzari.

  • 10-31-2012 Update:
    I have changed my mind. Nemelex Xobeh for Mummies. All the way. Until the NX altar is found, remain atheist. Because Mummies suck at everything besides Necromancy, they are in dire need of attack diversification, and Xobeh's decks provide just the remedy, not to mention Mummies are immune to many of the side effects of unlucky cards such as Famine and Poison.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Ex

I met an ex today and felt relief that I dodged that bullet. In the past, I did not have high enough standards. There was a tendency to romanticize too much, an eagerness to experience the high of being in love. Such a high can never be a permanent condition. Once the novelty wore off, I would have made the same observations about the individual that I made today, seeing clearly without my rose-colored glasses. The word that bubbled up into my awareness was goblin.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thirty-Three Years

Thirty-three years, the sentence of the Pakistani doctor who helped U.S. forces locate Bin Laden, speaks volumes about where Pakistan stands. All their words of friendship are exposed as lies. In reality they have been soaking the U.S. for the maximum amount of dollars while giving lukewarm, minimal support. Our leaders don't care because the rich boys that own the big defense corporations are getting richer. Who cares what happens to taxpayer money? The rich people don't pay the same tax rate we do, they pay much less percentage-wise.


Right-wingers that supported our foreign adventures should donate extra taxes to the government to pay for their wars, along with blood and body organs to support the wounded combat veterans that need those items.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Argument Against Sanctions

The Hindu posted a strong editorial opposing sanctions against Iran. Although there may not be much evidence that Iran is producing nuclear weapons, common sense tells a different story. It is impossible to really know whether a closed, totalitarian dictatorship with nuclear capability is, or is not, in the business of producing nuclear weapons. Given Iran's behavior on the international and domestic scene, I think it is naive at best or actually stupid to claim that Iran is not interested in nuclear weapons. I think nuclear weapons are the #1 desire of everyone in the Iranian leadership. They want it more than life itself and will sacrifice anything to get a nuke. They are right now squandering Iran's economy and much of its treasure on the quest for nuclear weapons. All of Iran's problems basically revolve around the quest for nuclear weapons and a fear of the United States. So I don't buy The Hindu's argument. I would be delighted to watch Iran's leaders dangle at the end of a rope. It is what they richly deserve, based upon their capital crimes and treason against Iran itself. Perhaps Khameini's head would pop off of his body like Hussein's during the hanging due to obesity. But that is just a fantasy. In reality, the U.S. can't afford another foreign invasion. That is why we must use sanctions instead. If they work, fine. If they don't, then at least Iran is reduced economically to the level of North Korea and other pariah states, which is also a good outcome, because they will have less money to devote to terrorism, their #1 export.

Pole Arms

In Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, I have long been a pole arm skeptic. Recently, I found out about the AutoFight key [Tab], and now I'm a pole arm convert. It is an easy matter to extend the range of a pole arm using the Tab key. Before, I thought one had to press 'V' to activate the extension, and then select a target. [Tab] is much easier. My favorite pole arm is one of dragon slaying, because it offers both defensive and offensive capabilities.

I have tried Tengus (formerly Kenkus, before there was concern over TSR's copyright on the "Kenku" name) armed with pole arms, but Tengus are far, far too fragile. I have not had one survive past level 12 or so. One little mishap wipes out a Tengu. The odds are stacked against them.

 I think the advantageous profession for Tengu is Artificer. Gain good mastery of Armour first, along with a decent suit, and then progress into spellcasting later.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Too Much Corruption

The main problem in the U.S. is corruption. I think Gore Vidal was right about that. If there could be a divorce engineered between the politicians and the business criminals, then the country might turn around and start growing again. But I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. People are angry because they perceive that all their tax money is being wasted on pointless things like faraway wars that nobody really understands. Either our leaders are stupid or corrupt, and I'm not placing any bets on stupid.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Cynicism of Gore Vidal

Anyone who scans the media without cynicism either isn't paying attention or isn't bright.

I think that Gore Vidal was spot on when he said that public opinion is molded by the few largely for the benefit of the few--those that already have their fortunes made for them. This was not unique, I think, only to the modern U.S., but is a global and eternal condition, as true a thousand years ago as today.

It is often that critics of Vidal misinterpret him through oversimplification of his message. My father wrote criticisms of Vidal throughout Vidal's book, "Virgin Islands." But I do not agree with his criticisms of the critic Vidal's criticisms. In many cases my father misinterpreted the meaning of individual words. For instance, to say that a man is unprincipled is not necessarily a bad thing. Principled men can be quite cruel and malicious. Being principled does not equate to being good or just. The word "unprincipled" figures in Vidal's criticism of both FDR and Clinton. My father, loyal to FDR, was unable to concede the smallest thing in his idol. Perhaps he would have conceded Clinton, however.

In reality, Gore Vidal was one of the most patriotic Americans that ever lived. He loved his country more than can be imagined. He was a man of ideas, interested in Right and Wrong, and desiring that Good prevail. I do not think Gore Vidal spared the smallest effort to apply his utmost powers of concentration, research and due diligence to the task of criticism, which is the art of distinguishing good from bad, or the better way from the worse.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Seinfeld Still the Best Comedy

All four of the regular characters in Seinfeld were brilliant. I'm particularly a fan of Michael Richards, who I think was exceptional. He was extremely well-suited to his role. I think that it is most unfortunate that he was not placed in a well-written movie or television show after the end of Seinfeld. However, nine seasons, with over twenty episodes per season, is quite a run. I don't think in the whole of television and movies there has ever been anything as funny as Seinfeld.

I regard the seasons two through seven of Seinfeld as the best. After season seven, the writing turned zany in the quest for more and bigger laughs. The actors morphed into inhuman monsters, which inspired the writers to sentence them to prison in the final episode.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Wrinkle in the Zimmerman Case

I read today that there is a new wrinkle in the Zimmerman Case: Zimmerman was badly beaten in the fight. I don't know why that important detail was not included, or was minimized, in media reports. It is also strange that the media displayed an old picture of Trayvon, and stressed the difference in weight between the two, in order to give the impression that Zimmerman was bigger than Trayvon. This seems like an embarrassment for the media. The media either failed to report these things or omitted them or minimized their significance. It definitely indicates a bias in the media or else a flair for the dramatic, something to press the 'anger' buttons in people. Usually the media seems fair. I think so many details about the case fit a certain narrative that Northern reporters are quick to accept about a supposed racial incident in a small, Southern town. In a way, the case was a perfect storm. It would take cold blood indeed to write a story that didn't fit the narrative. There does seem to be a failure in the intelligence of reporters. They are not being objective enough. Perhaps there was a failure in communication.

Sympathy Misplaced, Perhaps

I can't help but feel sympathy for some of the big-shot, rich celebrities that get tangled up in some kind of scandal, legal dispute, or divorce proceeding due to their affair. Some of them are intelligent men, so the question arises, why do men stray? I suppose from the logical perspective, it would be best to remain 100% monogamous or (possibly better) asexual. Of course, humans are not entirely logical animals, and we are animals. I think in Humans 2.0, the next version of our species, when we roll it out of our laboratories, we will be more logical and consistent; some would say boring. But boring can be good. Boring becomes interesting as one's expectations adjust.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Political Advice from JP Morgan

I'd like to know who is going to listen to the CEO of JP Morgan after that fool's fools lost $2 billion dollars playing with investor's money like it was monopoly money. A monkey could make better investment decisions. Thanks but no thanks for your advice. Next!

Pain is Good

One thing some people don't realize is that Pain is Good. It warns and reminds us of internal injury. I saw in the grocery store that most brands of topical antibiotic, such as Neosporin, Bacitrin and generic brands, now contain pain reliever along with the antibiotics.Without pain, one is oblivious to potential problems lurking within a wound. Infections can spread as a result of avoiding an insignificant, manageable amount of pain. If a scratch or abrasion continues hurting without subsiding, then that is information I want to know, because it is abnormal, and indicates there is a continuing problem. Either the wound needs to be cleaned again or it may be that professional medical attention is required.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cuba Surprises

Castro and Cuba have surprising, enlightened views on gays and even on gay marriage. Republicans could learn an important lesson about human rights--and health care--from the country that they like to demonize.

Tired of Chess Cube

Chess Cube has been going downhill for a long time. There have been no new features in at least a year, but what's worse is that the game history prior to March 2012 was deleted for all users. I had a lot of games stored in my paid VIP account that were lost as a result of their incompetence. So, that nixed any chance I would renew my VIP membership. How can I trust a game site that loses my games? I also experienced random disconnects on a sporadic basis on chess cube. I guess the straw that broke the camel's back was that a moderator in one of the chat rooms decided to use his power as a soapbox for all his backward notions on gays. I don't need to pay a membership fee to be insulted. I was reluctant to leave Chess Cube because I liked the design and homey, small-town feel of the site, but I really don't see that I have any reasonable choice in the matter at this point. Time to buy a membership at another chess site and forget about Chess Cube. I am purchasing a year's membership on today. Some businesses need to learn that insulting and offending gays is not good business. I am more than happy to vote with my dollars if it will help with the learning process.


I read that one of the founders of Facebook renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying any taxes. Just like I've been saying all along, plenty of U.S. executives and owners are traitors, wiling to abandon either the country or the workers at the first opportunity, while expecting plenty of protection from all branches of the U.S. government. Mitt Romney is a classic example of this type of owner. I suppose their ultimate goal is to transform the U.S. into a carbon copy of China, a kleptocracy where the elite steal everything they want and nobody is allowed to talk about it.

The Reality of Gay Marriage

The reality of gay marriage will be that it will not catch on like wildfire. Younger gays will not be in a rush to marry, no more than their straight counterparts, many of whom view marriage with wariness. Mainly the partakers of gay marriage will be older couples who have been together forever. Older couples have every reason to marry--legal and property rights, security and stability. I would like to see some of these opponents of gay marriage get stripped of their hospital visitation rights, home, bank account, and car, and health insurance, and see whether they like that. How about if I vote on whether they have they right to see their wife in the hospital? Maybe their marriage isn't good enough and they don't deserve hospital visitation rights. Maybe they don't deserve the house they lived in for fifty years. These are the type of questions that arise when one questions who is "fit" to marry and who is not. If old monogamous gay couples aren't "fit" to marry, then who is? I really like the question of gay marriage, and I hope it becomes the #1 issue in the Presidential election, because it casts the Republicans in the position of evil. Republicans hate marriage, they hate love, and they want to keep people down and make people unhappy. They want to be the ones saying, "No, you're not family, you can't come in" when a spouse of fifty years comes to visit his husband in the hospital. They want to be the ones stealing the house from him after his spouse dies. They are the thieves and the liars.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gay Marriage and Personal Lives

I sure wish that some of these opponents of marriage would get the spotlight focused on their own personal lives and whether they are moral or not. I bet in half the cases, unpleasant things would be brought to light about their personal lives. These people who hate marriage for gays (or hate gays, same thing), they like to point the finger at others, but when they do, there are three fingers pointing back at them. The hate-mongers are busy putting evil laws on the books, having nothing better to do with their lives. What is needed is for the hate-mongers to be exposed for what they are. It is a lengthy process. One by one, the hate-mongers are exposed as hypocrites, liars, criminals, drug addicts, and worse. Time is what is needed, time to expose them all. These people hate gays, they hate marriage, they hate people, they hate everything that is good, and they hate God, in that order, and their actions are motivated by those hatreds.

Mitt Romney, Bully

Turns out Mitt Romney was a gay-hating bully in his younger days. I guess being born into a mountain of money wasn't good enough for Mitt. He wanted to control all the people around him, too, and dictate what they could wear and how their hair could look. Here's another article on Mitt Romney's gay-bashing days. No wonder he's opposed to gay marriage. He's full of hate and that's what drives him as a human being.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two-Headed Ogres

Two-headed ogres might be an interesting new player-character race for Dungeon Crawl. They could wear two amulets and wield two large weapons. They would not be as good at magic as regular ogres, and would progress in levels at a slower pace. Their throwing ability would be poorer as well.

Monday, May 7, 2012


The prostitute at the center of the Secret Service scandal savors something that is quite rare in this world for working people: revenge, sweet revenge. I had a chuckle this morning reading her blast against the men who refused to pay her. That blast was trumpeted around the world on television and throughout the media. She spoke on behalf of every worker that has been stiffed, in a manner of speaking, by her employer. She really is quite pretty with oriental features. She is probably right about what she says. She reminds me of a modern-day Boudica.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Applicant Tests

I've taken tons of applicant tests and aced them and gotten nothing for all my time and effort. Finally I figured out why companies give applicants skills tests. The reason is not to assess skills, but to disqualify all applicants, because the boss man has a buddy in line for the job and does not want to hire anybody else. The skills tests cover his behind from a legal and political standpoint. He will claim to his superiors and colleagues that everybody else failed the tests except for his buddy. I've changed my policy on tests and refuse to take them anymore because they are just a giant waste of time and energy. It is a more efficient use of time to clip coupons.

Human Rights Issues

Recently, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo defended China's human rights record. "On this issue, we still have differences," he said. "Human rights issues … should not be used as an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries."

I believe human rights issues absolutely should be a reason to "interfere" in the internal affairs of other countries. It is the very best of all reasons, because it subscribes to the moral and universal interest. Those who feel that human rights are not a legitimate issue lack morality and cannot be trusted to behave in an ethical manner. That would include many in the Chinese government, who feel like lying, stealing, and committing acts of violence are perfectly okay.

You might remember that China is the place where all the jobs were sent by the traitors American CEO's, who were looking to save a nickel or two.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yahoo CEO Lied About Tech Credentials

The CEO of Yahoo lied about having a bachelor's degree in computer science. That's not surprising, because it's tough to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science, and CEO's are as stupid as the day is long. The only reason they become CEO is because they are part of the good old boys club. I can't imagine any CEO actually sitting down and learning how things work. They pay other people to do all the thinking for them. The job of a CEO is simply to have lunch with other CEOs, schmooze, booze, and take all the credit for all the work done by the workers, prior to downsizing the workers and shipping the jobs off to China.

Tanning Salons

Yes, kids should be banned from tanning salons. I don't understand why anyone would want to use a tanning salon. Tanned skin is damaged skin. It is not healthy, and the result of tanning is wrinkles later in life. I meet a lot of older people, and I can tell right away if they were the tanning kind or if they exercised a little common sense by taking measures to protect their skin.

There is nothing wrong with being white.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a hidden gem among computer games. I suppose many modern game players would eschew it for its relative lack of 3D graphics or sound effects, but for an older gamer, imagination supplies whatever is lacking in visual and auditory representation. I particularly like the fact that the game is being actively developed with new features being added all the time. I have yet to find fault with any of the changes that have been made, although many changes have resulted in making the game more difficult by eliminating various dodges and workarounds I had learned over the years.

What I like most about Crawl is its variety. One can play a Spriggan Enchanter in one game or an Ogre Hunter in the next, using completely different strategies for each character. Lately I have found Ogre Hunters to be great fun, especially when equipped with a giant spiked club of piercing. A few thumps with that club are enough to vanquish just about anything. The high amount of damage a giant spiked club metes out is worth foregoing the protection of a shield; however, it is no easy feat to keep an ogre alive without the protection of a shield.

Cops Gone Bad

This article points out a number of ways that law enforcement in the U.S. is seriously out of control.

I wish the writer had not resorted to coarse language in order to make his points, however.  By doing so, he will alienate many people he could have hoped to persuade. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show commits the same error on a regular basis in order to ingratiate himself with young people who don't know any better. I think that many on the left fail to appreciate the value of civil language. Profanity gains nothing, but discredits the user in the eyes of those who are inclined to hold a different view.

I think many of the abuses cited by the writer are the direct result of people voting right-wing Republicans into office. Republicans tend to be very naive and gullible. I don't think the Republic will last if people keep voting Republicans into office, gradually eroding our liberties. Eventually the time will come when a tyrant will use all of the powers granted to him by previous Republican office-holders. He will abolish elections and use the police as his own personal force to silence all of his opponents.

I think it conceivable that the U.S. may one day resemble Syria. We seem to moving toward a Syrian-style state, where individual liberty is curtailed and the people in power simply take whatever they want for themselves and their buddies, while passing new laws to make life more difficult for the working class. Congress seems extremely concerned about how to make rich people richer, but not at all concerned about how to help the working class.

Torture by the DEA

The Drug Enforcement Agency tortured a person in San Diego, denying him access to food, water, light, or even a toilet for several days. They even fed him methamphetamine, demonstrating their moral hypocrisy. I hope that the inevitable lawsuit, when it comes, is taken directly out of the agents' salaries rather than the taxpayers having to foot the bill for the malicious incompetence of the DEA. There are some agents at the DEA that are psychopathic criminals and belong behind bars. Who could believe for one second that agents "forgot" about someone they brought into their building? Faced with discovery of their malicious torture, the agents concocted a story in order to protect their careers. Every single person connected with the arrest should be fired immediately, top to bottom, and then arrested on charges of attempted premeditated, first-degree murder. Had the suspect died, then first-degree murder should have been the charge. An example needs to be made so that the DEA begins to learn about the rule of law. There seem to be a psychopathic crew of sadists in San Diego.

Chat with a Pakistani

I had a brief chat with a Pakistani discussing the situation in Syria, where I expressed hope that Assad's regime would fall and that Syria would get some kind of republic. He seemed cool overall to that idea and said, "Yes, but it's their land," as if to remind the American not to think of Syria as another invasion opportunity.

I think that the perception of America is that we interfere in other people's lands and tend to think of the world as ours to govern. There is a concern in other countries that America will interfere in this or that area, even in Syria, though I don't think it is likely. In Pakistan, I think a more humble viewpoint prevails that there is no point interfering around the world.

Afghanistan was never more than a punitive invasion intended to punish Al Qaeda and the Taliban for harboring Al Qaeda. Rich people got all in a lather about their fancy towers getting blown up, so they decided to drop a trillion dollars worth of bombs and bullets on the faraway country where their enemies were hidden. Revenge is damned expensive, and the people paying for the rich people's revenge are ordinary Americans who can't find any decent jobs in today's economy.

Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng exposed nothing less than a crude eugenics program operated by Steve Jobs' buddies the Chinese tyrants. Forced abortions and sterilizations in a poor rural village--what else can that be but eugenics of the style that was implemented in several European countries prior to WW2?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Violence Won't Work in the U.S.

I'm opposed to any political violence in the U.S. for several reasons, chief among them being that that any such deed would backfire in a major way. Anyone who engages in violence will immediately attract negative media attention to their cause. In fact, there is a real risk that the opposition could frame a movement by pretending to carry out violent acts in its name.

These Cleveland anarchists simply provided fodder for the right wing and justified the salaries of the agents of our enormous security apparatus.

It is also a fact, an indisputable fact, that the security apparatus by and large operates in general adherence to a set of rules put in place by the political authority, and that these rules make sufficient allowance for human rights. A few pepper-spraying incidents here and there do not constitute a police state, nor does the busting up of a couple medical marijuana collectives, lamentable though these cases may be.

Although there may be various injustices and indignities perpetrated against minorities or the working class, that has always been the case throughout history, as anyone who has studied history knows. I have to wonder whether the Cleveland anarchists ever cracked open a history book. There are many cases in history where political violence has backfired or failed to achieve any worthwhile objective, and a few cases where political violence has succeeded in some degree, but those cases tend to be ones where there is already widespread popular support for the objectives behind the political violence.

I would endorse political violence in Iran and Syria, and possibly a few other countries in the world that I haven't heard much about. In China, although the authorities are far more corrupt and there is less regard for human rights, there is also a real risk of violence backfiring against the perpetrators. There may be cases in China where political violence is justified, but not in every instance.

We are blessed in the U.S. with a system that is amenable to gradual change. It may not work very well in all cases, but when and where does a governmental system work very well in all cases? I think the current system is probably better than the system of a hundred years ago, and the American system is certainly better than that in Malaysia or China. I think that if anyone feels like political violence is the answer, they should move over to China and see what life is like in that country, before leaping to any ill-founded conclusion about their own country.

I think that some men have a real problem with a cycle of hatred and brooding that gets out of hand, in part because they tend to associate with others that reinforce that manner of thinking. It is very important to associate with people that are good and to avoid the company of fools and people that are filled with negative emotions. Good people exert a powerfully positive influence upon the mind, and their company is a gift in itself, in many ways superior to therapy or medication.
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