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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ironically Scared of Death

I don't understand those on death row making clemency requests based on the convicted killer's mental status, upbringing, hardships in life, or just because an attorney thinks the death penalty is bad.

If a man kills another person, it is a bit rich that he objects to society exacting justice. Scared of death? Grow a pair, I'd say. Easy to pull that trigger--not so easy to be on the other side, eh?

If people object so much to the death penalty, one option I would support is that these folks personally pay 100% of the cost of incarcerating the killer for life, as well as the cost of reparations to all victims' families, the exact amount to be determined by the victims at their own discretion. If the victims want millions, then that's what the death penalty opponent should pay. Billions or trillions would most likely exclude any possibility for parole, although perhaps collections could be taken among all the death penalty opponents in the world. I'd like to see the first victim-trillionaire.

I also believe those opposed to abortion should pay 100% of the cost of raising those fetuses that would otherwise be aborted. They can pay for college, as well, at a four-year institution of the parents' choice. That would probably run to about a million dollars. I say cough up the money, if abortion is so bad. Get a second job moonlighting at McDonald's.

What we don't have in the world at this time is any shortage of human beings. The number being generated far outnumbers the number lost through the death penalty or through abortion, and it could be argued, the quality gained is better than that lost. If a mother seriously wants to off her offspring, if that is her final choice, then she probably was not about to give birth to a rocket scientist, a saint or a great leader. Daddy must not have been all that great, is the most likely conclusion. Never a good scenario for a kid to grow up unwanted. And there are killers a-plenty in the world, and offing a few here and there through the death penalty is not going to keep this world from turning. If a killer's death brings a small measure of solace to the victims, or relief that they won't have to attend any parole hearings, so much the better.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Demonic Possession

In a simpler time, a case could be made for demonic possession in the murderer behind the Charleston Massacre.

Perhaps there are Angels, potent and furious, presiding over the situation now, for this crime does melt the heart of any with a heart. Such a crime as his is Satanic in every aspect. It will work, not toward racial animosity, as the depraved and doomed insect supposed, in his fevered brooding, but toward racial harmony; for no one with even an ounce of goodness would excuse such a grave and heinous crime. The Ways of the Lord are mysterious, and some do His Will by leaving this life. So will the murderer. He, too, must lay down his life for racial harmony. He must be sacrificed. That is the way to make amends and to assist in the healing of the survivors. He must not continue to new days. He must rejoin the earth.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Charleston Church Shooting

The insect who committed the senseless atrocity of the good people in Charleston should be given a speedy trial, lasting no more than a week, and then hanged, his corpse cremated, and ashes flushed down the toilet, all expenses to be paid by whatever is left of his estate. I don't see any reason, save one, not to favor the death penalty in mass murder cases. The murderers themselves, obviously, believe in the death penalty, so they certainly can't complain. And there is something satisfying about making a killer swing.

The one argument I could make against the death penalty is utilitarian. A murderer does possess something of value--a human body. It is not worthless. Yet the death penalty wastes it. There are organs that could be harvested, blood that could be donated, medical experimentation that could be performed. Clinical drugs could be tested. If a murderer consented to these things, then perhaps there might be value in granting temporary clemency of one or two months. However, even a murderer has absolute domain over their own body. I do not condone forced donation of organs or blood. Donations must be on a voluntary basis, or else humankind is reduced to cattle.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chelsea Manning

I read an editorial today in one of my favorite newspapers, The Guardian, about whistleblower/spy/criminal Chelsea Manning, who is of interest primarily because of her transgender status.

On the one hand, I feel the transgender issue in her case is exploitative, riding upon the backs of the gay political movement. Perhaps many people follow her solely because she is transgender and happens to make the headlines. She is asking a lot in terms of medical care from the institution that she betrayed. However, in the end, it makes the military look good that they are providing her with recommended medical care.

On the other hand, perhaps her 35-year sentence does seem rather excessive. However, punishment in criminal cases is mainly for deterrent value. It is not Manning that society fears, but others that might do as she did in the future. That is the real explanation for a 35-year sentence. It is not that Manning poses a huge danger to society or that people want revenge against her (although some probably do, namely her superiors who were embarrassed by the leaks). It is not Manning, but the specter of future Mannings that the powers-that-be fear. Military justice is always about setting examples. Thus, a murderer may actually get a lighter sentence than Manning. It does not seem fair, but fairness ain't in it. Combat-readiness is the priority, not fairness.

In truth, jail sentences are a blunt instrument aimed at prevention of future crimes, both from the perpetrator and future perpetrators. Human justice often seems cruel and arbitrary. It is fear that keeps many people from doing things, and draconian sentences are intended to inspire that fear. I am sure that if Manning were released, society would not be in danger, but perhaps others would be tempted to do as she did, and in that scenario, how could the military keep any secrets? A larger question is, should the military keep quite so many secrets? Secrets sometimes exist for good reasons, but they also exist to cover up evil, corruption, negligence, and incompetence. What if the military had fewer secrets? Perhaps we could rid our military of evil, corruption, negligence, and incompetence. There are many advantages to openness.

I'd be in favor of reducing Manning's sentence, to make it comparable with similar crimes, if it can be demonstrated that the leaks resulting from her actions did not result in physical injury to others. That may be a rather high bar to reach. Perhaps the absence of evidence of harm would be sufficient.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mohammed the Pig

The so-called prophet Mohammed was a dirty pig, and his fanatics wallow in his hoof-steps. France pays a heavy price for letting a barbarous cult comprise 8% of the population. Is cheap labor really worth the cost in blood?

USA Today also printed a picture of the Prophet Mo - HAM - MAD (Mad Pig). Their normal policy is to not print such pictures in order to avoid offending Muslim readers. I think Muslims need to have these images broadcast twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, until they come to terms with the fact they are living in 2014 and not 1014. They need to learn that any violence will be met with violence. If they want to live in a land of censorship, then just move on back to Iran or Saudi Arabia, but do not come to the West.

Meanwhile, a liberal blogger in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam. Yes, this is happening in 2014, and the reason is Islam and the madmen that call themselves Muslims. The people in Saudi Arabia love torture, hate science and philosophy, hate democracy, love superstition, and worship a mad pig of a demon-god, one that demands blood sacrifice and death. When the Saudis aren't flogging, maiming, or beheading someone, they're denouncing morality, science, or the arts.

The only reason some Westerners defend the Islamists is they are cowed by the numbers and oil wealth of the Muslim world, which is accidental in more ways than one. The cult does not deserve respect, because it embraces death, torture, rape, and other atrocities, and all of this is self-evident to anyone who takes a glance at the news streaming from Muslim nations. That some Westerners pretend ignorance about such matters is curious. There is blood on the ground, and the media spends its time polling whether it is OK to depict the Prophet Mohammed or not, because murder is interesting and generates headlines. There is some kind of sick relationship between the media and terrorists, each feeding off the other.

Apologies to the noble beast, the pig, Sus scrofa domestica, whose flesh I find delicious, whether in the form of bacon, ham, or pork. The pig is actually a fairly intelligent animal and very useful in that one can feed it scraps and harvest wholesome meat. If Mohammed were alive today, he would probably eat pig as well. A case of food poisoning and the runs is the only reason I can think of that Moham banned ham. He heard the Jews thought God was down on pig, and so he tried pig himself and got diarrhea. He didn't understand science and thought Allah was punishing his bowels. Today he might accept modern science and realize the pig he ate was infected. Try a good pig, and there will be no such punishment. Today, we have lots of good pigs to eat, thanks to modern farming methods.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Attack

The Muslim fanatics take advantage of the kindness and justice of Western societies. Mohammed's lies result in yet more human death and suffering.  The Romans dealt with such deeds in another manner than we do. The Romans would have solved the problem one way or the other and not worried too much about the means. The evil fanatics feel safe in the knowledge that France is kind, France is just, France is benevolent, and they take advantage of that, perceiving it as a weakness, rather than a strength. The Romans would have solved the problem forever in a month, and fear would have stayed the hands of any remaining survivors. But in the modern age, we cannot react as the Romans did. I do not understand why Western countries opened their borders to immoral savages and now seem so surprised when savages behave as their nature dictates. Of course, the idle rich classes merely wanted cheap labor and that is the entire reason France invited millions of Muslims, in order to reduce the wages of the native French, but the long-term costs are apparent.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rich Justice

Rich justice is a whole lot more lenient than poor justice. A rich man took $165,000 in bribes and got two years. Now if I grabbed $165k worth of jewelry from a store, I bet I'd serve more than a measly two years for it. But then there are two justices in the world. One is for rich people, and it uses kid gloves. The other is for poor people, and it uses an iron mallet.

There's something awfully wrong about premeditated corruption among elected officials. It's an entire order of magnitude worse than simple theft. I think China has the right idea about punishment when it comes to graft and corruption among public officials.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Updates on Terrorists

I don't know why the media sees fit to report on the doings of terrorists and criminals from long ago, known only for their infamous crimes. Whether they die, and at what age they die, and under what circumstances, does not particularly matter to me or anyone I know. Who cares? One might as well report on the fate of bacteria that killed someone a hundred years ago. How many generations has the bacteria reproduced, and has it mutated, and what slime does it feed on now, and so on. Violent men are common and uninteresting. Only a sociologist charged with researching the type would be interested.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sick Actor

Why does Hollywood hire a violent, psychotic and cruel actor, like this piece of work, when there are plenty of good actors to go around? Talent is plentiful. I can attend any play put on at the local college and observe actors who are just as good as the ones I see on television. I don't think there's any room in the cast of any show for someone who would even pretend to skin, kill and eat someone's pet, whether rabbit, cat, or dog. I think such crimes should be prosecuted as felonies, at the very least.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


The Sony hack came about because some high-powered CEO opened an email and executed code written by malicious hackers. Why am I not surprised? Now Sony loses millions of dollars, all because of a CEO earning millions of dollars a year for inhabiting a suit and talking BS all day long. CEO's are not worth their coffee mugs, and yet in the U.S., they earn hundreds of times more than the hardest-working employees at their companies. The easiest way to bring a company down is by targeting its weakest link--the CEO, who knows nothing about anything other than the buttons to speed-dial their massage therapist.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Give Judge Douglas a Break

I think it's wrong to give blackmailers the time of day. The Canadian justice system is considering whether to kick a judge off the bench because a low-life, lying, double-dealing, blackmailing scumbag posted nude photographs of her on the Internet. I think she should be exonerated, and the case dismissed out of hand. Who cares about nude photographs anyway? Is society not past that yet? I don't think seeing Obama nude or the Pope nude would fundamentally affect my opinion of either one of them. Is it so extremely difficult to imagine what people look like without clothes? I think the entire situation is preposterous. Dismiss the case and let the judge go on about her business. A big fat WHO GIVES A DAMN applies here. Tell the blackmailer where he can go!

Light Charges

I don't know what's wrong with the justice system that murder is counted so lightly in today's courts. Apparently one can kill a person and either get off scot-free or just serve a few years. The case where a college student died during a so-called "hazing ritual" should result in capital murder charges against all of the defendants, who should be put to death if found guilty. Manslaughter, my foot. When someone is beaten to death on a bus, you can squirt all the sugar-coating on it you like, but it is still a stinking murder, no better than if the victim were shot to death at point-blank range in broad daylight.
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