Monday, September 10, 2012

I Sympathize with Chicago Teachers

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about the teacher's strike. I agree that the money being offered is all right and perhaps even generous in today's lousy economy, where so many workers endure salary freezes or even salary reductions. Workers are getting the shaft all over the world due to right-wing policies which have transferred industrial production over to slave-labor countries like China. I don't know what the U.S. will be producing in the future other than internal organs for the Chinese to harvest from our otherwise useless bodies. Perhaps blood donation will become a major new career option in America under Romney's administration if he wins the election, because I know Romney's number one goal is to eliminate all jobs in America and move them over to China so that his buddies can grab more easy money. The only way the Mitt Romneys of the world know how to make money is by stealing jobs and wages from the workers. The Romneys of the world do not produce, invent, create, or build anything. They only downsize, reduce, and cutback. They are the parasites, feeding upon the working class while serving their true masters, the Chinese.

The reason I support the teacher's strike has to do with Rahm Emmanuel wanting to tie teacher salaries to student performance on standardized tests. That's wrong. Teachers have moderate influence over student performance, but that influence only goes so far. Any computer programmer knows that if your input is garbage, then your output will be garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. That's the GIGO principle. Teachers in Chicago might be the best in the world, but they can only do so much when their students are hungry and living in crime-ridden neighborhoods where people are unemployed or underemployed or working the typical McJobs for minimum wage.

Teachers should be judged based upon parent evaluations and principal evaluations. Student performance is actually a function of genetics and upbringing, and teachers have little to do with it. For my part, I learned little or nothing in school, but taught myself everything I wanted to learn. School was irrelevant to me, and I don't really care about any of the teachers I had. Some were absolute monsters, most were decent, some were boring, and some were interesting, but none were essential and none inspired me. I found inspiration in books and movies, as I'm sure most kids do today. I didn't encounter intelligent educators until I went to college. Until college, I usually knew more than the teacher, not the other way around. If I had questions about the world, I waited until I got back home and then looked up the answer in the encyclopedia or dictionary or asked my parents, because I knew for sure the teacher wouldn't know anything. However, kids with uneducated parents would not have had the same option. So again, kids with educated parents have a huge advantage.

Parents bear about 95% of the responsibility for the performance of students. Ninety per cent of the responsibility comes from birth, that is, what kind of intellectual capacity exists in the student to begin with. Many parents should not be giving birth at all. They should use birth control or else get themselves sterilized. The reason they have children is because they are irresponsible and care about no one save themselves and their own compulsive need to feel loved by a young and innocent teddy bear. Meanwhile society picks up the tab with public assistance and all kinds of tax breaks, societal approval and privileges for people who neglect to wear a condom. I think that people who volunteer to become sterilized should receive the same financial benefits as people who receive welfare and food stamps for their children. In fact, they should receive more because they demonstrate greater responsibility. Such a policy would remove the financial incentives for popping out babies. A glance at the unemployment numbers in this country makes it very clear we are not lacking in people. We are lacking in jobs for people. So any new baby is probably going to grow up to be an unemployed person with any amount of education, but no job and no profession. If the number of babies could be reduced, then that might help the overall jobs picture in the future, provided all the remaining jobs are not exported to China like Mitt Romney wants to do.

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