Monday, September 1, 2014

Russia is HQ of Cyberwar

Most IP addresses I add to my blacklist nowadays originate from Putrid's tyranny, formerly known as Russia. Should anyone be surprised? That old rotten egg, Putrid, has instructed his computer hackers to attack web sites everywhere, big and small, no matter whether they are relevant or irrelevant, in an attempt to spread his evil tentacles all over the Internet and make everyone smell his foul stench.

In reaction to any attack originating from that blighted land, I ban the entire IP range, encompassing millions of addresses. With Putridity, "guilty until proven innocent beyond all reasonable doubt" is the rule of the day. Nothing good will ever come out of Putridity as long as the rotten egg holds sway.


Anonymous said...

It looks quite strange, something like racial profiling, why you are so intolerant and discriminating? Are sure that discriminate every one from Russia just because you don't like Putin is a good thing?

igor said...

More and more, Russia seems to be the projection of Putin's mind, rather than anything else--Mordor.

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