Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lesson of Hong Kong

China is reneging on its promise to let Hong Kong be free for fifty years only because its leaders have calculated with cold political calculus that they can defy and break their promise to the West and get away with it due to the economic interdependency between the West and China and the new strength of China. This is worth noting. In the future, expect China to break all promises, whenever and wherever it can, because it is absolute evil aligned with the darkness. If annihilating all Americans would produce a profit and no consequences, then the Chinese would do so. They do not know the concept of morality and misinterpret it as weakness, as evil-doers always do. I foresee that China will take Taiwan, and risk the next world war when they also muscle into neighboring countries, such as Japan and the two Koreas. First will come demands for concession, which will only increase, and then will come land grabs, because the leadership thirsts for power, for domination. Perhaps America will be diminished then and incapable of being the white knight any longer, because our strength is every year squandered stomping ants and anthills to no purpose, squandered on pointless exercises in pride and vanity to remind our greying population of past glories in WW2. But the glory days are gone, and debts accumulate, and not much is made in the U.S.A. anymore, and the U.S. is dumbing down and wallowing in corruption and chronic mismanagement that only gets worse year after year with no end in sight. There must some day arise a new champion in the West, a land with better governance--where will that be?

Monday, September 29, 2014

China's Nastiness

Anyone in doubt of how nasty China can be need only look at Hong Kong, where the population has been told "no more democracy."

China is a tyranny, same as it was twenty and even fifty years ago, and anyone alive in 2014 who doesn't recognize that is delusional. I've listened to students from China tell me everything is OK over there. Well, everything is OK for them, because their parents are in the Communist Party elite that can afford to send them overseas for a nice education in the U.S. Everything is not OK for the other billion-odd people in China that have to work for a living instead of stealing through graft and corruption in the Communist Party. Also, those apologist students from China know next to nothing about their own country and its history other than what the CP feeds them. China today is a feudal system, with knights, barons, dukes and a king and his court, and a vast number of no-account peasants the leadership regards as disposable, to the extent that the very air they are allowed to breathe brings death and misery. "Gas 'em like the cockroaches they are," the Chinese leadership says about their own people. Look up the rates of asthma and other diseases related to poor air quality in China for an eye-opener, that is if the authorities even publish such data in a system where virtually all facts deemed even slightly embarrassing are censored, and those who embarrass the leadership are sent to prison--if they're lucky enough to matter; if not they get the knife in the back, and their body tossed in a ditch.

Republicans Envy China

The only reason Republicans are gung-ho to invade the Middle East again is there's no one that can put up a fight over there. It's a pretty safe way to use a bunch of munitions and thus enrich the defense contractors that bankroll Republican candidates. We have just as much cause to invade Hong Kong on the side of the protesters, who just want democracy. But Republicans are scared of China. They also admire China, and want the U.S. to be exactly like China, with no voting rights, and workers earning $1 an hour with no benefits, and the political elite taking billions for their own personal wealth. That is Republican Heaven. The Republicans are doing everything in their power to remake the U.S. into China. They scaled back voting rights wherever and however they could, kept the minimum wage frozen for decades, and have siphoned trillions from the Treasury and the Social Security fund to finance their overseas adventures. Now the U.S. is trillions in debt to China, the darling of the Republican party. Instead of building factories or doing anything good in the U.S., all those trillions got flushed down the toilet in the Middle East, just so defense contractors could score easy money without working or thinking very hard.

Alcoholism and Republicanism: A Perfect Match

Alcoholism and voting Republican go hand-in-glove. If one doesn't think, it's easy to vote Republican, and drinking stops thinking better than any other substance. If you don't value your own life and don't really care about the world, then Republicans are a natural choice. They promise no change--the status quo--the country falling deeper into debt, getting more polluted, with fewer jobs and more overseas conflicts.

It's the people that think about things and care about things that are going to vote for good governance. They care about the future and want a world worth living in.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


NewEgg is cool except for one little thing--and you know that a geek is going to find that one little thing, and NewEgg caters to geeks, so they must have been forewarned.

NewEgg decided on its own without so much as a by-your-leave to change all their existing and future reviews to publish the customer's real name. The problem with that is that you may not want your negative review on a defective motherboard to pop up first thing when a potential employer is doing a Google search for your name.

I prefer to live my life in the way human beings have lived it since time began. My opinions, feelings, doubts and anxieties I keep to myself and my friends, and to potential customers and business associates, I present my professional self. I think it's stupid to spill your heart in public on the Internet, if you can possibly avoid it, that is, if you care at all about working in a corporate office environment at some point in the future. Jobs are hard enough to get without having an employer pass you over because you hated a hard drive NewEgg sold you ten years ago and spoke your mind about it, or didn't use proper punctuation or proper grammar.

All NewEgg cares about is NewEgg. They think their reviews gain more credibility with real names attached, and perhaps that is the case, but tough titty. I may buy from NewEgg on occasion to save myself the sales tax, but I won't review anything on NewEgg ever again.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hong Kong Free No More

Over in Hong Kong, students are protesting the disintegration of "One Country, Two Systems" policy that allowed HK to be an oasis of liberty in the tyranny that is China.

Of course, if you read much Distrowatch, China is equal to the U.S., and we should all install Chinese software on our computers. Good luck with that.

China is the #1 threat to the world, with the actual means to achieve their dark vision, but Americans are obsessed over a bunch of nutcases in the Middle East that could not reason their way out of a paper bag. While we squander whatever is left of our treasury [Oops, nothing left there] the credit line China extends to us on bombing the ignorant savages in ISIS, China is just building more factories and taking more Western jobs away from the delusional West.

Bombing ISIS isn't in itself a bad idea, but how about using the very cheapest forms of munition, the cheapest, possibly expired stuff from the Viet Nam conflict, rather than these million-dollar precision bombs that are going to put us deeper in debt. Also, it seems to me that these rich Arabs could be paying us for the mercenary services we are rendering. If they want to hide under their robes while we do the fighting, then they need to cough up some of that oil money we pay them. I think the fight against ISIS is all about enriching the cronies of the Washington elite, just as overseas conflicts always are. National interest my foot. Beheadings of journalists who strayed into enemy territory do not equal a clear and present danger to the homeland. As usual, working people are ordered to pay the bill in order to enrich the elite, who are either stupid or corrupt--or quite possibly both.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ISIS Retards

The beheadings ISIS conducted seem like childish gestures compared to the vengeance the U.S. will wreak upon their organization. Perhaps ISIS is a good example of the influence of Thanatos. Anyone with half a brain can see that the beheadings were contrary to the long-term interests of ISIS and its leadership. Not that much is required actually to antagonize U.S. leaders and get them in the mood for intervention, as anyone knows. Yet ISIS is not motivated by Reason, but by the desire to suffer and die, a basic human desire, apparently, a desire accentuated by their primitive, false religion. That Islam is a complete fabrication with no basis in reality and no beneficial influence upon mankind is also obvious to anyone with half a brain. At least Christianity had a nice message--love thy neighbor, and God is love. Islam is Submit or die, which is mere barbarism. And rather than submit or die, there is the third option--many of us proud infidels will opt to annihilate the fanatical Muslim(s). That seems like the better option, all in all, from every perspective.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


One of the nice things in Windows 8.1 is that when one copies files in Windows Explorer, the file manager drops duplicates to the end of the copy queue rather than querying the user immediately with a prompt. In every Linux file manager I've ever used, the file manager prompts the user the moment it encounters a duplicate. What this means is that if you go away from your computer for five hours, then return, you may discover that the copy has not completed due to one duplicate file, and whether you choose to overwrite or skip that file, the copying may have another five hours left to go.

This is another of the reasons I upgraded from Linux to Windows 8.1 on my workhorse computers. I don't need to be waiting around for files to copy.

Lack of Class Consciousness

The paradox observed in the U.S., where working people continue to vote Republican, reminds me of domestic violence victims that continue to live with their attacker/rapist, and refuse to assist police in any arrest or testify against them, should the police arrest their attacker without their consent. Some people want to be poor and feel deep down that they deserve it. They feel that rich people are better than they are, and they gain a peculiar satisfaction from knowing their place, and the place of their children, who they feel, deep down, do not deserve good governance or any hope for a better future. That is why people vote Republican--it is an embrace of the powerful dark force of Thanatos, the inner desire to suffer and to die and be one with annihilation, the destructive force of the Universe. I think Thanatos explains much human behavior and is the primary counter-force opposing Reason.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sticking with 14

I'm sticking with version 14 of Dungeon Crawl for the time being, because it seems to me the Devs just changed game play in 15 rather than adding new and interesting features to the game, and game play was the least of all my concerns. I may tune back in with version 16 if it has something really appealing to entice download.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rich v. Poor Law

The verdict in the Oscar Pistorius case is explained in three sentences. The rich kill and then go free to kill again. The poor go to jail. This is our corrupt system of justice, and it has not changed since ancient times. The father of the victim has the moral right to slay the murderer, and I doubt any jury would condemn him for it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Things that Make You Go Hm...

My playing of the latest Crawl, 14.1, has resulted in some "Hm..." moments. For one thing, there's some kind of Ring of Liberalism I discovered in the Ziggurat Sprint. Could that just possibly be a tip of the hat to me or my regen.bat? Also, Death Knights are now recommended class for Ogres, as I maintained here in my blog was only right and just, all things considered. And then too, potions of poison now have a different description after my criticism. On a negative note, Spriggans had their wings clipped after I made note of their being better than any other race, which at one time they certainly were--back in the day when they could wear more armour. And lastly, Mummies have become empowered, now able to cast Vampiric Draining to regain hit points and benefit from rings of regeneration. Either my brainwaves are tuned into the same channel as the Devs or else there's another explanation. What I think is that a Dev or two has read this humble blog of mine, just browsing perhaps without really making a big fuss.

Well, enjoy! For I have long enjoyed the game and continue to do so. It is far better than its predecessors, although Larn did have rather a nice flavor, a personality, a culture all its own--but Larn has languished too long, while Crawl has flourished. I especially like Crawl's relatively new Sprint and the Zot Defender modules, for variety's sake, a bit of spice for an old-time crawler like myself. I will never in a thousand years get into the modern high-resource video games when my imagination can be easily and cheaply engaged by Dungeon Crawl, which has such superb strategic features. Thank goodness that some people continue to develop it and add amazing new features.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scotland's Independence?

I am opposed to Scotland going its own way, because the UK is a fine country as it is, and I don't want anything to weaken it. More division and more atomization is not what the present age calls for. How will Scotland compete with China and Russia? How will Scotland deal with war and other crisis on its own? It seems silly and backwards to me to abandon the UK with its marvelous public health system and public welfare system and for what? I have yet to read any solid reason for separation other than dissatisfaction with the current administration.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is the funniest man alive. . . and his Daily Show will be watched even a thousand years from now for insight into our time. Of course, he is backed up by a phenomenal team, brilliant writers who furnish him with killer material by research, insight and wit. It is a mistake to overlook these silent partners, but I do not know their names. Yet if I did, then we would overlook the people who support and nourish those people, such as their families and friends, and so on in a neverending chain that eventually encompasses the whole world. Jon is golden product of our age, and we are proud to have produced him. He is creating classic television that will never die.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Isis used to be associated with something mysterious and majestic, an ancient Egyptian goddess. The heartless Muslim maniacs that assumed that name imagine God is with them, but if there is a God, He is with their victims, as the more intelligent ones may deduce after observing their comrades being blown to smithereens. I can't think of a stupider move than to prod the weary tiger, America, with a stick. Talk about clueless. Is their deepest desire to be blown to bits? Perhaps their fatal flaw is believing in a pile of horse manure. Everything they think about the world is false, rendering them incapable of making good decisions. There is no bearded Allah with a flaming scimitar descending from the sky to intervene on their behalf. After they die, they become fertilizer, a far better use of their substance. Certainly no one is going to remember them other than to be glad they are gone. What a bunch of psychotic, fanatic, suicidal attention-whores! Annihilate them, already.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Neanderthal Art

The BBC has a good article on Neanderthal art. "Naughts and crosses" is British for "tic-tac-toe." I think the Neanderthals were merely marking the cave or creating a map of some kind. Calling a little grid-like symbol art may be a stretch.

Incidentally, the BBC really has good articles from time to time. Too many American newspaper and TV web sites are just an intellectual wasteland with only the bare minimum in detail, readable in two minutes or less. For really good reporting, I turn to government-operated media, such as PBS and the BBC. Capitalism doesn't work where journalism is concerned. Sooner or later an editor takes charge with the bright idea to promote sex & crime & celebrity gossip rather than do any real journalism. Sales go up, costs go down. That's where capitalism takes journalism.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Russia is HQ of Cyberwar

Most IP addresses I add to my blacklist nowadays originate from Putrid's tyranny, formerly known as Russia. Should anyone be surprised? That old rotten egg, Putrid, has instructed his computer hackers to attack web sites everywhere, big and small, no matter whether they are relevant or irrelevant, in an attempt to spread his evil tentacles all over the Internet and make everyone smell his foul stench.

In reaction to any attack originating from that blighted land, I ban the entire IP range, encompassing millions of addresses. With Putridity, "guilty until proven innocent beyond all reasonable doubt" is the rule of the day. Nothing good will ever come out of Putridity as long as the rotten egg holds sway.

Drunk Driving

I'm with Rick Perry on his criminal indictment after reading the New York Daily News. I'm against drunk driving because it kills innocent people, including a lot of people like myself who are just walking or bicycling along the side of the road trying to get some exercise and fight against the sedentary lifestyle of the modern age.

Certainly if politicians are disgraced for having an affair or hiring a prostitute, then they should step down for drunk driving, which is far worse. Dear, if you don't want the governor to defund your department, then don't drive drunk.

Politicians should vaporize marijuana rather than drink, because marijuana is less harmful--but they should only use mind-altering substances when they do not intend to be driving. Driving under the influence of any substance, even pot or too much coffee or legal medication such as pain-killers--is wrong, pure and simple. DON'T DO IT! Better to sleep it off in your car and drive home later than to play roulette with your own life and some poor strangers. Texting while driving or playing around with the radio or any other sort of distracted driving is also wrong, although many people don't seem to be aware of that, and enforcement against these negligent practices will be difficult due to the burden of proof. Busting a drunk or high driver is easy by comparison.

I'm looking forward to an era when our cars drive themselves, and one will speak the destination in order to get there, and they will run on electricity rather than gasoline. I think we can generate sufficient energy from the Sun, if enough research and development can ever be devoted to making that happen.
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