Saturday, August 30, 2014

DistroWatch Silly Over Deepin

Distrowatch is silly to repeat their assertion that anyone who doesn't have an open mind about Deepin is "tribalist."

Probably more than half the people reading this blog don't know what Distrowatch is or Deepin is, but I digress. Research 'em if you like. I usually start at Wikipedia for my research. On the other hand, most people won't care. I care, not because it's a fascinating subject, but mostly because I'm right, and it always feels good to be right about something.

Now looky here, Distrowatch. If a Linux distro pops up from, say, Brazil or even Japan, then I'm OK with it. Different tribes than mine, but no biggie. Hey, live and let live--the more, the merrier. Brazil and Japan have something I respect. It's called Freedom of the Press. Nice concept. It means web sites like DistroWatch don't have to sit a-quivering in their shoes that the police are going to bust down the door and drag them away by their hair for writing something on their web site. Ain't that nice, Distrowatch? I think so.

So Distrowatch, that's why I won't install a Chinese-made Linux distro on my computer. It's not because they're from a different tribe than mine. It's because China ain't free. Someone slips a trojan or a subtle, intentional vulnerability into Deepin. . . then there's no one in China that can talk about it without fear of the police. Point made. End of discussion.

One would think that people with an education--ahem--would already know all this, but perhaps they have a certain motive to pretend otherwise. Hmm . . .


Anonymous said...

Deepin looks very nice, but I'm standing with you on this one. No way would I install it on my computer. It would be nice if you had a link for the "tribalist" comment. Anything from China I associate with cheap and poor quality. Plus the distrust of the government. Installing Deepin would be like installing a virus in my mind. Now Deepin might be secure, but the seeds of mistrust have been planted long ago. What is wrong with having a tribe anyways?

igor said...

I added the link to Distrowatch above. I like Distrowatch and read it often, which is why I criticize them so much. I even like the writer, Jesse, but I do reserve the right to disagree.
Wisdom calls for caution in regard to gifts offered from an evil erstwhile enemy.

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