Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Judgement Day

At the end, I emerged from darkness and stood before the watchers of the world. 

I said, "I gave what I was given. I did what could be done."

Among the watchers, truth prevails. Everything is known.

The light consumed what I was before. 


Recombination and regeneration.

There have been others. 
There are others. 
Before the breaking of the world, there will be others.

The wheel spins
and so it goes.

I thought about Judgement Day as I woke up this morning. I do feel a general sense of satisfaction over my life. I've avoided some bad things and chosen some good things. I sidestepped many of the snares and pitfalls of this world. I found what was good and helped it along to the limited extent that my abilities permitted.

Judgement Day means different things to different people. Upon reflection, my dream could occur to a saint, an ordinary person or even a suicide bomber. People have such different ideas about God. Who is right? That is one of the problems with religion. It is possible to adapt the same meme to different uses.

I think that hearing so much and so often about God from so many unpleasant people turned me off from religion. They inoculated me against religion. My intellectual immune system eliminated the weak germs of door-to-door proselytizers and televangelists. I developed adaptable and effective antibodies and am now immune to all strains of religion.

I reuse the material acquired early in life and spin it into positive things rather than throw it away. I retain certain feelings about divine retribution, divine oversight of the world and even divine intervention. Because I like people and want to understand them, I continually absorb a certain amount of the beliefs of my friends and relatives. Until I open myself to another person's thoughts, they remain "other." I have to step inside their mind. I have to look around and see what there is to see through their eyes. Once I drink of their thoughts, then they become understandable, predictable and a warmth and intimacy may develop.

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