Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cable and Phone Companies are Robber Barons

The collusion of government and corporations, as in this case, makes me angry. Municipal broadband would be a dream come true for all Americans, and the cable companies want to ban it. I would be delighted if broadband were offered by my city.

The cable companies provide lousy broadband at extremely high prices, as do the phone companies. Broadband should be cheap and reliable today. The reason it is anything but that is because cable companies and the phone companies enjoy monopolies, and the reason they do is because they have put corrupt politicians into power. Why are my only choices cable or phone? Those are lousy choices. Each one wants me to cough up $100 - $200 a month just to access the Internet. I receive a letter in the mail every week with one of their "offers" that never vary from the week before. Always the advertised price is $100, with hidden fees, costs, fines, and contractual obligations that amount to $200 a month after the introductory period has passed. Municipal broadband can deliver faster Internet much, much cheaper. Cable and phone companies are not innovators. They should be recognized for what they are: robber barons, bribing politicians to entrench their monopolies in American society.

This article states that municipalities are being sued repeatedly by cable and phone companies to keep them out of the broadband market. Cable and phone companies represent a cabal opposed to innovation and opposed to choice.

Corruption is the greatest problem in our society, the filthy intersection between politics and business, or "the grease that makes the capitalist engine hum," as one of my Republican acquaintances put it. We are all on the business end of the exhaust pipe. I suggest building a better engine.

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