Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Report Phishing Scams

Any computer user with half a brain could sniff this phishing scam a mile away. If you think that you might have fallen for it, then you need to reconsider using email and even the Internet.

Dear Igor,
Our Company is known as a payment processor with services designed for international small businesses. Our Organization
have found your resume in web-site reviewed it and sure that you to be a ideal applicant for this
job which we offer.
We are currently looking for a few qualified individuals for a vacant position "Check Assist Manager".

The general duties of this position is collecting payments [ wire transfers and bank cheques ] from our customers in
United States.
Every fund transfer will follow with detailed instructions.
If you don’t have bank account We will help you to open a new account.

Average income is $600-$800 per week.

Basic Requirements:

- US Citizenship
- Available 6-10 hour per week;
- Computer skills [MS Word] personal e-mail address
- Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations
- Willingness to work from home
- not less than 21 years old
It is a part-time job which doesn't require leaving your main job

There are no any start-up or training fee

If you want to join our team please fill form on our web-site.

I looked at this for five seconds, then forwarded it to the following parties:

US CERT : phishing-report [at]
CareerBuilder Phishing Scam Report: TSST [at] (Due to the fact this scam was conducted using CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder is interested in it.)

I considered the FBI, but the FBI only appears concerned with actual fraud cases. I would have had to have fallen victim. My desire to report is great, but not that great. The University of Minnesota maintains a useful page with info about reporting phishing scams.

I hope my action results in a black hat getting inconvenienced, at the very least, if not put behind bars. Scum of the earth, preying upon the unemployed, the mentally ill, the young and inexperienced and the elderly.

For more information on how to report and respond to a suspected scam:

Internet Crime Complaints can be filed at:

Suspected scam email messages can be forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission at:
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