Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Whoever is in charge at Sears is a royal jerk. Sears wants the home internet surfer to become a "member" of some stupid "Sears club" to earn "points" as though we are living in 1970, instead of 2017. Then there are all the "gotchas" like free delivery, until Sears applies automatic discounts to a $440 purchase, bringing it three dollars under the minimum for free delivery, which is $399, resulting in a $69.99 delivery charge. No thank you, Home Depot is one click away. Sears really deserves to go out of business, because their web site is nothing but a time-waster with traps for the unwary.


Anonymous said...

Sears used to be one of my favorite brick and mortar shops along with Kmart. Now when I enter one of these stores. It's like going back in time. The stores still kinda look the same, but they seem like they got left behind in modernization. I've never been to Sears online shop. Yeah, every shop has a membership club that requires some sort of new dance to get the deal. Isn't that why Amazon is slaying the competition?

igor said...

Homely old Sears can't pretend to be like Amazon, which sells everything online and does it well. Sears will be lucky they get one browse in a year. The idea of joining their club or signing up for their credit card and having one more thing to worry about is just a joke to me.

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