Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Poor World

The billionaire boys club runs the world: Trump, Xi, and Putin. How those bozos are going to deal with global climate change, I don't know.


Steven said...

I relate a lot with your view of Trump. His bombastic tweets are refreshing to a degree but, at the same time.....this dude says whatever comes to his mind. I'm not a Trump for President fan at all but, at the same time it's hard not to welcome the disruption.

igor said...

Trump needs to transition from candidate to President. Will he change his Tweetin' ways? He seems egocentric, obsessed with dividing the world into friends and enemies, not really digging the shades of gray that some of us call reality. Whether that can translate into an effective President--I doubt it, although one hopes for the best. I'm taking some profits from the stock market and putting aside a little money market action just in case things go south.

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