Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Radical Idea

I have at least one radical idea. I believe we can safely reduce the number of police by about 25 - 50% without consequences, other than a temporary unemployment bump. I think that would reduce a lot of the officer-involved shootings in America. There are too many police without enough to do. That is the central problem. They are driving around looking for something to do to bump up their quotas. I do not think police suffer from a huge racism problem. I think that police suffer from not enough work to do and from most of their work being petty nonsense that doesn't make any difference to the community.

If there are to be less police, then the ones that remain will really be working on meaningful things, like crime, rather than driving around wasting gas and harassing poor people. To reduce the burden on law enforcement, we should also legalize marijuana and prostitution.

I don't really know what to say to people that think marijuana needs to be illegal in 2016 and beyond. Read some books, get educated, try to advance in learning. Go to and learn the facts rather than the old, disproved propaganda.

Prostitution is a more honest form of a trade that goes on anyway under various pretenses. People will always be attracted to money and to power, and nothing is going to change that. Sex for goods or services is as old as sex itself and is practiced in all the animals.

Also, have the mentally ill homeless people taken care of by a specially trained mental illness service. We should not call cops to deal with the mentally ill. Cops are not therapists, psychologists, or anything like that. Cops deal with crime. The mentally ill need help, usually in the form of anti-psychotic drugs or just rest and food. Some people additionally need guidance and advice.

Another thing we can do to reduce the burden on law enforcement is install a governor on all motor vehicles to prevent their traveling above 80 mph. That would reduce speeding using a simple technical device, which can be verified as functional by a cellular internet connection, without the need for cops. Using millions of cops simply to enforce speeding laws is inefficient. I really do not think that people go into law enforcement with the desire to hand out tickets to lead-foots.

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