Sunday, July 31, 2016

Opposing Change

Conservatives oppose change because their personality dictates it. They don't like to think about things much. They fear the unknown. They don't want to bother with studying anything, because that involves work. In short, they have a case of the La Zee Bonez, a disease that is rampant throughout the human race. Those who oppose change get awfully upset at the very idea that things might change, because then, they would have to exert a few seconds, maybe even a minute, of actual thinking. That is a huge thing to ask of them, when normally they do not think about anything at all.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Corruption and Waste

Corruption is rife in the world. In general, people do not listen to what is right, but what is best for them. Morality appears to be a new innovation in the human ape.

Government service is sometimes viewed as an opportunity to be idle and, sometimes, to steal.

Perhaps it is true that people get the government they deserve. If bad leaders are voted into office, then the people do actually get what they voted for, after all. Those regions that elect good people get better government out of the bargain. I wonder whether the U.S. deserves Trump? I certainly hope not.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Astral Stuff

I am not sure what to make of the concept of astral travel. I have read in Tyson's works that anything that happens in the astral plane happens in the mind alone and not outside of the mind. If so, what is the difference between astral travel and reading a good book? To me, it seems silly to imagine an unseen place without a good script, as found in a good book.

Also, what is the difference between astral travel, as defined by Tyson, and writing fiction?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Germany Bleeds

The news streaming in from Europe seems a never-ending stream of Muslim-manufactured atrocities. The politicians in Europe lack basic common sense. Germany is learning what should have been obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. When you invite a bunch of Muslims to the party, what you get is brain-splatter on the walls and blood all over the floors. Europe is a strange region. If you like them, believe in their culture and philosophy and want to contribute, you are unwanted. If you hate them, want to kill and rape them, then they will bend over backwards to let you in. Moreover, they will pay you not to work. This fits in with the general hypothesis that people, perhaps unknowingly, worship Thanatos, want to die and want to suffer. It is a basic impulse at conflict with happiness and progress. They want to bring the wolf to the table. Of course, the fanatical Muslims are only too happy to oblige.

Erdogan is Ugly

Erdogan, the dictator of Turkey, is just an ugly human being, sitting on the toilet and pretending to be a leader. When he dies, Turkey will be better off. That reptile won't ever give up power while a pulse still beats in his skin. There is going to be a lot of killings and a lot of imprisonment and torture while he lives.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Doing and Thinking

I think that individuals are capable of surprising changes, including improvements, in their beliefs. If my father were alive today, I believe his views on marijuana would change, just as he changed his mind on the subject of homosexuality. When I was a boy, he was a big homophobe, referring to gays as "perverts" and probably worse. He never invited any gay person over to his house and had no gay friends. All of that is ironic, because his son was gay and would have turned out better if things had been normal rather than paranoid and ignorant. At the age of nineteen, when I came out to my father, he decided to educate himself on the subject of homosexuality for the first time. He read books and discussed the subject with others. His views underwent an alteration for the better.

I had a dream of my father last night. I dreamt that he searched my room, as he always used to do. It was his favorite pastime, rationalized as necessary, due to my typical teenage vices of cigarettes, alcohol and pot. He boasted of confiscating my vaporizer. I then pointed out that A.) the thing cost over a hundred dollars, and I really didn't appreciate having to buy a new one now, and B.) I was an adult now and in fact I was his equal, because I supported myself and was independent in every way. Moreover, he was elderly, and it was I that looked after him, rather than the other way around.

For item C, I pointed out that everyone with an education had by now accepted that marijuana was, well, not necessarily health food, but a medicine, and certainly not any more dangerous than alcohol, or for that matter, aspirin or coffee. My father was a learned man that liked to read magazines of the world's opinions and discoveries. In 2016, the truth is out there, for those that wish to listen. My father sagged his shoulders and said, "We know different, now. I was mistaken about this, and I am sorry. I concede to Science." Because Science was his God. And science has spoken about the medicinal plant, a gift to mankind. He apologized for having confiscated my vaporizer but had already destroyed it.

Perhaps in a way, my father's spirit was apologizing for all those searches and seizures, for all those angry scenes, a pointless parade of imagined parental duty. People do tend to act automatically, like robots, behaving in ways they have been programmed to do, rather than pausing to consider the merits of things. Perhaps there isn't always time or energy left over from doing to indulge in much thinking.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Europe Gets a Lesson in Common Sense

Europe is getting a lesson in common sense when it comes to accepting so many "refugees" from Muslim nations. Those nincompoops need to stay where they are and fix Islam, not come over to the West and start problems with their wrong-headed notions. If you let in a bunch of people that have no stake in your culture or philosophy, then they may actually be interesting in killing, robbing or raping your people. That is a lesson Europe is starting to learn, unfortunately. It is a pity that the politicians over there are so boneheaded, they think everyone around the world wants to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. There is a reason that people are voting for the right-wingers, and it is because they see this, because it is obvious, whereas the politicians don't see anything.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Police Need Job Insecurity

Police need to know that when they do wrong, they will be fired. They should be fired from the police force when they pepper-spray people for no reason. They can go to work for Wal-Mart as Wal-Mart greeters. "How may I help you today?" would be good therapy, repeated daily for the next ten years. I do not understand when police officers that shoot, beat, spray, or kill people are reassigned, suspended, or given some other silly wrist-slapping. In any other job, they would be fired, at the very least. Firing would be the minimum consequence. Police need to learn about job insecurity like the rest of us. They are not employed for life. Who among us is employed for life? None of us are very secure in our jobs. None of us can count on that paycheck being there tomorrow. Police need to learn that they are living in the real world, not the fantasy world of never getting fired. Also, police unions should be banned altogether, and any police officer that joins some kind of secret union should be fired. There is no place for unionization or job security for anyone that holds a loaded firearm.

This would put a cap on all the negative stories circulating about law enforcement. The majority are decent, but there needs to be ongoing culling, just like in any other profession. Unfortunately, today, the bad cops just get reassigned or suspended, and go on doing bad things until one day they show up in the headlines.

Turkey's Last Chance

Turkey's last gasp as a republic expired over the weekend as vampire Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan managed to fend off a rebellion. Now the ghoul is greedily preparing the deaths of thousands to ensure he can rule until his last, evil heartbeat. Turkey should never be allowed in the European Union, and should be regarded as a second-class citizen in NATO. After all, evil Turkey assisted ISIS and is regularly on the side of NATO's enemies. The only reason Turkey doesn't openly declare itself an enemy of the West is because it is scared of Russia. Russia has no illusions about Turkey, whereas the West has been very mild and tolerant of Erdogan's wickedness and duplicity. Turkey hates the West, hates democracy, and hates science, technology and culture. The only thing Turkey wants is beheading, torture, and fanatical Islam, in large doses, preferably televised, with all other television and Internet censored.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nocturnal Perfection Achieved by Linux Mint 18

What I want in an operating system is simple. I want to look at a screen that is easy on the eyes. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I don't need to be staring into a light bulb. I do not like headaches and I do not appreciate eyestrain. After twenty years, Windows does not understand this. Windows insists upon burning out the eyeballs of its users. Ubuntu is no better. Only Linux Mint understands, as of version 18.

I'm happy with Linux Mint 18, because it has included a dark theme that just works all the time. Fastest and easiest route to nocturnal perfection that I have ever experienced in any operating system. I liked it so much, I donated to the project. In my opinion, Mint-Y-Dark is reason enough to convert to Linux Mint 18. Meanwhile, I don't know what Windows and Ubuntu are doing, but they are not doing anything for me.

Mr. Developer, please. Think, for a moment, about the human body. In particular, have pity on the human eyeball. It is not designed to stare into the Sun all day long. Try to design your product so that it works in harmony with the user and is not harmful to the user.

My Radical Idea

I have at least one radical idea. I believe we can safely reduce the number of police by about 25 - 50% without consequences, other than a temporary unemployment bump. I think that would reduce a lot of the officer-involved shootings in America. There are too many police without enough to do. That is the central problem. They are driving around looking for something to do to bump up their quotas. I do not think police suffer from a huge racism problem. I think that police suffer from not enough work to do and from most of their work being petty nonsense that doesn't make any difference to the community.

If there are to be less police, then the ones that remain will really be working on meaningful things, like crime, rather than driving around wasting gas and harassing poor people. To reduce the burden on law enforcement, we should also legalize marijuana and prostitution.

I don't really know what to say to people that think marijuana needs to be illegal in 2016 and beyond. Read some books, get educated, try to advance in learning. Go to and learn the facts rather than the old, disproved propaganda.

Prostitution is a more honest form of a trade that goes on anyway under various pretenses. People will always be attracted to money and to power, and nothing is going to change that. Sex for goods or services is as old as sex itself and is practiced in all the animals.

Also, have the mentally ill homeless people taken care of by a specially trained mental illness service. We should not call cops to deal with the mentally ill. Cops are not therapists, psychologists, or anything like that. Cops deal with crime. The mentally ill need help, usually in the form of anti-psychotic drugs or just rest and food. Some people additionally need guidance and advice.

Another thing we can do to reduce the burden on law enforcement is install a governor on all motor vehicles to prevent their traveling above 80 mph. That would reduce speeding using a simple technical device, which can be verified as functional by a cellular internet connection, without the need for cops. Using millions of cops simply to enforce speeding laws is inefficient. I really do not think that people go into law enforcement with the desire to hand out tickets to lead-foots.

Knock Idols Off Their Pedestal

Whenever one creates idols, it is wise to knock them off their pedestals whenever possible. Idols beget idolatry, which is supposed to be naughty. I do not believe a human being qualifies as a deity. Such an elevation oversteps a boundary. Some human beings do approach the divine, but not quite there, surely.

I like to gather knowledge about my idols, using tools that are familiar to me, and that serves to humanize and demythologize them. Then I can incorporate my former idols into my understanding of reality and human existence.

Best of all is to have a belly-laugh over a former idol. Thanks for that, Donald.

Friday, July 15, 2016

France's Muslim Problem

One perceives in the distance the dim possibility that France will administer bitter medicine to herself in order to correct a systemic disease. One sees it in the distance and one sees France's majority inching towards the solution. There is a historical precedent. The tolerance and benevolence of modern folk can only be tested so far before they adopt a solution that worked for their ancestors.
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