Sunday, June 19, 2016

Britain, Stay in the European Union

If I were British and against the Euro, I'd change my vote, based on the horrible assassination of the bright lady, Jo Cox. If that cretinous assassin believes so-and-so, then it almost definitely is wrong, no matter what. Shooting and stabbing an unarmed, unguarded woman, a mother of two at that, is about as low as you can go. If people that want the UK out of the Euro are that low, then they have to be wrong in what they believe, no matter what. It was an act of absolute evil. Seldom in politics are things so clear-cut as that. Jo Cox has got to have been right in what she believed, if she was assassinated for it. I am in favor of the UK remaining in the European Union, based on that incident alone. Either postpone the vote by a year, or vote against leaving the Union. I don't see any other moral choice.

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