Friday, January 17, 2014


Rhea is an unusual name that arose a few nights ago in a dream, and I wonder whether it has any significance to me at all. Wikipedia reveals the name to be that of a Titaness and the mother of the Olympian gods.

A possible connection to my life is that I have been playing "Age of the Titans" recently, and in that game, out of all the available gods and goddesses my civilization may worship, I select Gaia, the Earth-Mother, who was the mother of Rhea.

There are competing versions of Rhea's identity. Some believed her to be the same entity as Cybele. This sort of confusion is common in ancient mythology. Virtually every god and hero has multiple versions of myths regarding his exploits. I am not favorably disposed to Cybele, because ancient worshippers of Cybele were known to both self-castrate and completely remove the penis as a form of religious devotion. That is distasteful to me, but perhaps to an ancient transgender person, it would offer liberation from a man's role in ancient society, and Cybele would grant social and religious sanction to perform the deed. Forever after, such a devotee would be regarded as a priest of Cybele, perhaps, and lodge in the local temple, exempt from draft and other male duties and functions.

I do feel a strong connection to the earth and to living and growing things, so I am favorably disposed to Gaia and her daughter Rhea. I think that life is beautiful, mysterious, and worthy of study.

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