Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We Need an American President

I am voting American in the next election. All we have now is some guy that represents his own tribe all the time. Basically gives the middle finger to the rest of us. Everything has to go his way all the time, and the only problem he ever sees is Democrats. Well, he hasn't killed us all yet, we still have plenty of fight left. I think he is not an American and hates America with every fiber of his being. What he wants is for America to be like Russia. That's his fondest hope and dream. Either Russia, North Korea, or China. Sometimes he gets a little disloyal with Russia, likes to flirt with the other two dictatorships. Too bad, in 2020, he will discover, he does not live in North Korea. He lives in a place where there is an election. He never won an election before and just got in because of the Electoral College. He wouldn't have even won that without a lot of help from the media. Time to vote American instead of party.

Thieves, crooks, and liars. That's the kind of litmus test Trump set out as requirements for all his appointees. The reason turnover has been so high in the White House is that a lot of people have morals. That's a huge problem for the servant of evil. How can he fulfill his Master's dictates, when there are people following their conscience? It's a big problem for poor old Trump. Another Stormy Daniels he has to weather.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking's Predictions

He predicts superhumans will take over. I agree 100% with the gentleman. Tough luck for all those folks fixated on pumping out babies. You will need a genius I.Q. to compete in the future. Otherwise, only occupation? Organ donor.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Thought I'd Seen It All

On YouTube tonight, I learned that the couple behind the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is for Trump (and even watch InfoWars/Fox News pretty regular). They went over the top, dressing as the Prez and the First Lady, although they didn't go to the trouble of putting wigs on. Political theater in a series of videos supposedly about the occult.

I guess they want to be timely and relevant and reach out to a market niche, right-wing, American occultists. I wonder how big that market niche is and how lucrative. I wonder if they are the occult's Diamond and Silk. Maybe that is how their prosperity spell really works.

I haven't heard them say anything I disagree with on magic, yet. I actually like them on a personal level. Charismatic, after a fashion. I don't like the emphasis on "war" though. Conflict sells, of course. They have launched a magical war to counteract some clown that practices black magic against Trump voters. Why give the turkey more attention, is my reaction. First I ever heard of the clown, and this couple are jumping up and down getting excited and angry about the absurdity. Just relax, such a poseur could not possibly muster the power of a mustard seed. Absurd, the whole thing. I also don't like their use of the term "war". It seems every other headline on Fox News has "war" in the title. You know, these United States have had about enough wars as it is. We could use peace to rebuild the country, with all these failing roads and bridges and poor Internet service. Certainly the last couple of wars we had have been total wastes. Even Trump himself agrees on that score. I certainly do agree with Trump that we would have been better off not getting involved in Afghanistan or Iraq. Another of Hillary's little failings, her support of these expensive wars. Siding with the Republicans brought her no benefits, no Republican votes. Bad move politically. Might as well have gone full Progressive and opposed the wars. No war would have placed the country in a better position to pay for health care.

Certainly, no one can fault their little ritual desiring freedom for all of humanity. They seem pretty open-minded. Certainly more appealing than the politician they support. I have to question their judgment in following Alex Jones though. I couldn't imagine quoting that guy in any context. I also find their histrionics tedious. Channeling emotion doesn't make one seem either sincere or powerful. More like, TV preacher. Calm down, Jethro.

I think they suffer from a case of overreaction. A constant diet of right-wing media, coupled with their lifelong focus on magic and their messianic desire to save the world, results in this street theater where they are "saving" Trump from bad witches and, I imagine, bad Hollywood. I'm not sure why Hollywood is so bad, or appreciably worse than other industries, I guess because Hollywood is a liberal power center that donates to Democrats, is why Hollywood is bad. Certainly a lot of television shows are not worth watching, but when has that not been true? Most books are not worth reading, for that matter. I suppose in their view, academia must be bad too, and of course unions and minorities--anyone that donates to the baddies, the Dems. They do take great pains to differentiate "bad" witches from "good" witches. Well, to the average American, it's all nonsense or else dangerous self-delusion. You know what, Trump can protect himself, he doesn't need that much help, he is a pretty skilled "magician" in his own right. I can think of a lot of other causes that are worthy besides helping someone rich and powerful. Which brings to mind the distinct possibility that all their theatrics might be serving their little prosperity spell. Nothing is ever spoken about the corruption and dishonesty so apparent in Trump himself. If you want to present yourself as fair and balanced, it helps to admit that which is true, and concede that your support of this or that politician is nuanced. Instead, they just play partisan politics, no objectivity other than a token objectivity, thin and dubious. Come on, you are Republican shills, trying to reach out to New Agers and flip them red.

In the end, everybody has to be taken with a grain of salt, even the supposed teachers.

On other levels, besides the political--which, I don't know why they had to go there in the first place, quite bizarre, as though they want to get on TV and are looking after their pet ambitions--I dislike their tendency to muster fake emotion. At any rate, it just rings false. They are mimicking these guys on TV. I guess that is the whole point of going on YouTube, because TV is where the money is. They get on Fox News, they get a lot of money.

Also, there is a tendency they have to repeat themselves. The broken record syndrome. Make your point, move on, don't keep harping on it again and again like Fox News. I really think they learned all their presentation techniques from Fox News. Same point, regurgitated fifty times over in fifty different ways.

The other thing that grates is a new tendency I have observed to employ profanity, like bulls--. O.K., that is not the worst profanity ever, but it is sloppy and brings to mind drinking and belching. I know everyone does it these days on both the left and the right. Everyone is wrong. I am like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, few people hold to the old standard anymore, but I believe in a certain level of decorum, but this holds even more so when discussing the holy.

I'm pleased to note, however, that they seem to be O.K. with gays, which hasn't always been the case with these occult orders. Specifically on their web site, they state they do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. That is a relief, because gays get enough heat from the various right-wing religions. They are also not racist, needless to say. That all sounds good to me. About damn time, too. Although, it may be that they just don't want to turn off potential customers. There is probably less money to be had in homophobia these days than in tolerance.

What's off-putting is that they are hardcore conspiracy theorists, joined at the hip, it would seem, with Alex Jones of InfoWars. Making a lot of outrageous claims without much in the way of evidence. You know, evidence is important. Without evidence, everybody can be guilty. I suppose astral, psychic thinkadees informed them of such things--well, one can be mistaken. It is important to retain the critical faculties when evaluating messages and information gathered from the astral. Our senses and reasoning are not lesser in value. We were gifted with reason ... for a reason.

Every show, besides the obligatory -New Age- -Magic- Golden Dawn- -Spiritual Work- -Witchcraft- ...there's this recurrent theme of, oh, how put-upon poor little old Trump is, the innocent one, can't the media lay off of all his lies, deceit and corruption? Let the goodly Saint Trump lie, cheat and steal all he wants, because after all, he is a Saint. The Golden Dawn has sanctified his horns. Oh yeah, Trump rides a Unicorn and farts perfume. Disgusting. They take the Holy, put it in the toilet and mingle it with Trump. Must be nice, finding a way to make magic pay in real cold hard cash.

Hopefully, one day these two will confess their relationship with politics and quit using New Age beliefs as a ploy to get attention. Religion is not your whore. If you are about spiritual advancement, then be about that. Sounds to me like they are just about padding their own pocketbooks by talking all the time about how put upon poor billionaire Trump is. They prostitute their knowledge in the service of darkness. They are not the first and by no means will be the last. This is exactly why many masters of old insisted upon secrecy and did not wish to share knowledge with everyone. Eventually some bright fellow figures out a way to commercialize, cheapen, use for base and tawdry ends. It always happens.

In the beginning, when I watched the two, I thought, ah, they believe what I believe, maybe I will learn something from them. Now, I think, these two buffoons believe otherwise, my beliefs are not at all like theirs, they wish to talk only about Trump and about Republican politics, that is their religion. They do not have any spiritual thoughts in their bodies. So in my mind they are no different than the televangelists and others that seem to make a business out of spirit. I suppose it beats working for a living, eh?


A butterfly shows the difference between human beings.

Some encounter a butterfly and admire its beauty.

Others rip the wings off to watch it suffer.

Friday, October 12, 2018


I have come to the conclusion that a prayer-less world is not necessarily a desirable one for human beings. There is comfort and consolation to be had in prayer that cannot be gotten from other human beings so well and certainly not on the Internet!

If one is atheist and places great value on being consistent, logical, and rational, and yet, has a habit of drinking or of using drugs, then an accusation presents itself. J'accuse! You are already engaged in an irrational habit, these twelve-ounce curls you do every day with a can of beer, detrimental to body and/or mind. Why, then, should you avoid prayer, which is equally irrational, yet not in any way detrimental to health? Indeed, there have been numerous studies indicating that prayer has measurable benefits to body and mind. That, to me, was quite persuasive when I read it, and I have found through direct experience that genuine, unforced, sincere prayer is extremely satisfying, wholesome and beneficial. The trouble with prayer and with religion when growing up was it was forced. Church was compulsion, Sundays were forced attendance, and even one of my high school teachers forced us to pray. Religion can become drudgery, tedium, an object of contempt. Some people take that which is beautiful and precious and twist it until it is horrible beyond recognition. They present God as a projection of their dark self, a Punisher, a Tormenter, a Torturer, vindicative, vengeful and ruthless. That reflects their own nature only, not the nature of the most high. Such lies and distortions get in the way of spirituality and must be discarded.

China is crazy, radical atheist, and seems bent on realizing the dystopia of "1984", with state surveillance of everyone and thought control. It is difficult to see the charm in a completely atheistic viewpoint. The fact remains, gods are fun, and not believing is just negation, it doesn't offer half the fun of believing or at least, suspending disbelief.

Spirituality evolved to help an intelligent, thinking mind adapt to the pressures and the stresses brought on by knowledge. Of course, knowledge is not all good. There is a huge downside. We know, for instance, quite well that we will grow old and die. That is a terrible knowledge to have. We know that we are bound to worry and fear from cradle to grave. We worry about health, first of all, our own and our loved ones. We worry about losing money, losing friends, losing loved ones. All of these fears, doubts and stresses are really brought on by knowledge and intelligence. If we were only stupider! It sounds funny, but if we were stupid like the animals, our blessed stupidity would make us perfectly immune to worrying about death or indeed, worrying about tomorrow at all.

Prayer allows one the luxury of working as a team, that is, in conjunction with that which is good, with God or the gods, whichever one prefers. No, I do not believe there is only one way, one correct doctrine or theology. I have my opinion, other people have theirs, but in the end, we are fallible, and may both be right somehow. That is not a very satisfying answer to rigid binary thinkers that want to know exact answers to everything. Learn to deal with ambiguity! The mysteries are all about ambiguity. That is why they are named such. The first and best virtue is to be humble. Every day, we are reminded, each of us in our own way, of our essential humanity, when we go to the bathroom to perform the necessary. So, live and let live, is the guiding principle, and I think God or the gods, howsoever one wishes to approach the Divine, both understand and endorse tolerance in religion, provided, of course, that YE HARM NONE.

The only real doctrine I think is mandatory is harm none, which seems to me quite a reasonable law to apply to all belief systems under the Sun. Nor harm thyself. Now when we see the radical Islamists go off and torture some poor wretch, for instance, that leads me to condemn radical Islam, and in general I don't like the punitive and oppressive laws that are found in many Muslim countries. I think sometimes religion gets a big head and wants to intrude into public and private affairs too much, and that is inappropriate. Each thing in its proper place, is the way to go. If the Muslims wish to worship a certain way, fine and dandy, but don't stop the selling of pork in the marketplace, or cut off people's hands if they shoplift a pack of gum. I would not wish to live in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

High School was a Low Point

Regular beatings and humiliation were a fact of daily life my freshman year at high school. It was just an ordinary high school, not a military one, but I think in many ways it was run like a military school, with strict rules and regimens. The main instigator was a twisted sociopath in P.E., and he was encouraged and enabled by the teacher. The drill-sergeant approach to education is claimed to work for some, perhaps, more or less, but didn't work out so well in my case. Does that mean that I was "weak" and another, ideal specimen was "strong" to thrive in a violent, abusive environment? Are regular beatings good for people? Some do think so, whether they will admit it or not, but perhaps they should try it out for themselves sometime, on the receiving end, that is. Then poll their opinion after they have received a good dose. I imagine that "boot camp" is meant to prepare one for war by lowering ones threshold for pain, lowering ones morality and reducing inhibitions. If we are at war, fine, maybe that is a necessary evil indeed, but if not, is it necessary? How much violence is really needed in the world?

I am reminded of what I endured by what some people are dredging up into the news media ten, twenty, thirty years after the fact, or longer. It seems to me that the only difference between these ancient cases and mine is that I was never confronted with someone else's genitals. That seems like a minor point next to a year's worth of physical and psychological abuse. Basically, abuse was a part of the system in school, it was normal and accepted everyday life for a lot of students. Survival of the fittest was the philosophy. No one really cared, the atmosphere was highly competitive and no one would pick you up if you fell--more likely, kick you in the ribs. The result, well, I think I have done about as well as I could with this life, given the sort of start I had. If I had to do things over, I would have set my mind to figuring out a way to avoid the dreadful high school I went to. It was a waste of time, not helpful in any way, and not educational in the slightest. I would have been much better off simply being locked in a library for eight hours a day. In a library, I would have absorbed the knowledge of the world and emerged in four years knowing a lot about a lot. School taught nothing, except people are morons, brutes and liars. That was the basic lesson, drilled daily, with tests all the time, and God help you if you forgot. Although, God wasn't around, because the Church just sold a whole load of generalities and called it spirituality. Whatever. Church never seemed satisfying to me and never made me feel even slightly closer to divinity.

Now, I finally know what education really is. Education is learning on your own, by yourself, at your own pace, fast or slow. I finally know what spirituality is. Spirituality is having a personal relationship with the greater powers, free of nonsense and window-dressing, just plain, straight-up communion, guided by common sense and a desire for that which is good.

The two criminals, that violent sociopath and the P.E. teacher that always turned a blind eye or, when he noticed, opted to blame the victim, succeeded in their objective, if their goal was to cost me a lot of suffering and lost time, lost future wages and lost prospects. They achieved their dark victory. If there is justice in the Universe, if Karma is real, as Donald Michael Kraig fervently believes, judging by his opinions in "Modern Magick," then their payback for their sins would be great. I myself rather doubt the existence of karma, based on what we know about various historical figures. Good does not always prosper, not is evil always vanquished or punished in any way. Sometimes good people are harmed with impunity, and evil-doers enjoy their lives to the very end of their days. I think rather that Karma is a useful construct, make-believe, that Kraig and many other would-be philosophers like to indoctrinate their students with in the hope and the prayer of spreading goodness and light through the world. But I don't really believe in Policeman Karma watching and weighing rights and wrongs and sanctioning wrong-doers. Would it were so, but alas, the Universe does seem oblivious to the cries of humble folk. I think we are regarded by divinity, if at all, in the same light as ants and bees, as pixels in a greater picture, and that what happens to us in this lifetime is not really evaluated, but kind of left up to chance.

I learned in high school, the villains seize fun and pleasure and get away with it, and those that harm none can suffer for a long time. It was kind of a reverse morality lesson, learning evil in school. My moral instructors were the bully and the P.E. teacher. It took years to unlearn those lessons. That is about the summit of what happened in high school. Not, in my opinion, a judicious use of taxpayer dollars. Did the P.E. teacher earn his salary? No. Where was karma? Missing in action. I did not even think about karma in those days, because I had a more traditional view of the Universe. I thought, where is God? I did not observe any hints of true Christianity in school. Maybe a number of students professed Christianity, that is, if you asked them, oh sure, even been born again and all that jazz, but it was like brand-name clothing they wore to boast and brag about their piety. Now P.E. was a pretty big class, over thirty of my peers, and they knew exactly what was going on, every one of them, they witnessed him and me. Not a word nor an action. Their indifference did not pass unmarked by me. Indeed it was taken into consideration in order to form a worldview. That is what happens in youth, forming of the worldview. Now, my worldview has evolved since then, for sure, for the better, I think. But then I thought, this world is evil, all are evil. In darkness man dwells. And many a time, I thought to open my veins.

What stayed my hand? Why did I choose to remain in this world? I think memories of happier times, a vague notion that "This, too, shall pass," and my inner optimism. Certainly I am pleased that my younger self did not take any drastic action. It was true, life did get better. I got out of that hell-hole school, did much better in college where I was freer and more independent and not forced to sit in assigned seating in some stupid P.E. class with a stupid know-nothing instructor. I was able to make a living and be independent, and that is good enough for me.

The concept of Karma does interest me. I really want to believe in it, a just Universe, but you know, setting my own personal hell-story aside, along with all my own personal experiences, just crack open a history book. What the hell kind of karma did the victors of every war receive for all their killing and destruction? Certainly plenty of generals and dictators have gone on to enjoy a cushy retirement. Look at Napoleon, for one. You can say Russia was karma, and I would reply, karma for his troops, while Napoleon himself went on to stir up trouble the next ten years and eventually idle his remaining days in exile.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Scanning the Headlines

On a daily basis, there is nothing to do but scan the headlines each day, just to check whether WW3 is breaking out.

There is nothing a poor, humble ordinary citizen can do until election-time rolls around. Then, I feel, it is one's duty to vote. The country does not ask terribly much in the way of duty. To vote is a small thing, denied only by the petty. I think personally it is a sin not to vote, to not have any engagement at all with representative democracy. That way opens the door to dictatorship. People do not realize, voting is new. We are one of the very few generations to have the privilege. Some people simply never paid attention in history class.

I try to avoid getting too wrapped up in the headlines, the news buzz of the day. Much gets blown all out of proportion. Every politician gets criticized more than is their due, merely for acting in ways that would ensure they get reelected. It is human nature to want to succeed at what one does, to not want to fail, so it is human nature for a politician to want to get reelected.

Really, many disagreements over policy boil down to tribe A vs. tribe B, the two tribes simply not getting along, one desiring power over the other. In the United States, the whites fear ceding power to the browns, which really goes far in explaining the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. The differences between the parties are complicated and numerous, but the similarities are greater than the differences. In reality, the Democrats and Republicans agree on far more than they disagree upon. Republicans favor a strong class system, rewarding both birthright and merit. An aristocracy is favored. Meanwhile, the poor are kept so, by and large, kept in their place and their numbers reduced through attrition. I think it is fair to say the Republicans believe government can't solve problems, and that evolution should be allowed to take its course among the poorer classes. Those that get an unlucky roll of the dice in health or birth should endure it or die, so that the rich may enjoy a better cake, with more gold and silver ornaments. I can't think why else there would be such opposition to health care, which is extremely expensive, there is no doubt. Perhaps they may even be right, that vast numbers should sacrifice and stop reproducing. If eugenics really took hold, then perhaps the result would be a healthier population, in the end. Getting to that end, there would be unhappiness. Does the end justify the means? At any rate, the national debt increases with no end in sight, so eventually, more sacrifices will arise. More than likely, if history repeats itself, the working class will have to pay all the national debt by sacrificing its Social Security, and all the aged and infirm will be told, "Go back to work. Become a Wal-Mart greeter or work in the Amazon warehouse," even at seventy-five.

I was hoping that the Republicans could really make health care better, which is to say more efficient, but they seem to work for the health care industry. I am afraid that the Democrats do, too. Both parties are sold out, unfortunately. I wonder who is representing the poor working American? Everything these days seems to be based upon how much money can be raised. I know that health care stocks in general have been rising by double digits every year. I think that if the Federal government took a strong hand, then much fraud and waste could be eliminated. That was my half-hope when Trump took office, that he would bully the industry into making needed reforms, but instead, he just sought to eliminate the government's involvement in health care altogether. I suppose if one is sick, that is not the problem of the government, but of the individual, and there is always an option to open an artery, rejoin the Earth and be replaced, like a malfunctioning robot. One day, perhaps there will be no need for workers at all, and the whims of the rich can be served by an army of robots, who need no health care or retirement benefits, and don't vote Democrat, let alone vote or express any opinion at all. Paradise?

Sing a Song of Sobriety

I am proud of being sober.

True, it is a modest accomplishment. People like my mother thought nothing of it. To her, sobriety came naturally, was a done deal, always active. Sobriety is not a positive good, per se. It is merely the absence of a vice.

H. Sapiens, including many people I know and many people we read about in the media, has a huge problem with drinking in particular and also other drugs. That is why I am proud to be sober, because other folks aren't. I can look at them and think, well, I'm better off, wiser, stronger, etc. In reality, perhaps, just a modicum. It is a small thing. Perhaps I have grown ambitious. I want to find more in this life, see more meaning, and I see no meaning in a bottle, none at all. I see the desire for death in the bottle, and it seems to me, so many people are weary of this mortal coil, and in their hearts wish to fade and disappear, to which end, drinking serves like rocket fuel. For the thinking mind gets retarded by the progress of alcohol, and base animals we become under its influence.

To drink is irrational. Upon accepting that drinking is harmful, the mind must solve a riddle, why drink at all? Everywhere, at many social functions, drinks are offered, and booze is easy to come by, plentiful. Temptation is everywhere. Yet to a mind armored in the magic of NO, there is no temptation. This enchanted armor protects me. My gratitude and love increase every time I emerge from a store without clutching cans of poison. I know that I am no longer contributing to my own demise. I am not actively working to harm the self. Indeed this is what drinking is, or any drug use really, and also many other activities engaged in by humans. I hate to say it, but folks like to self-harm. I don't know of a better word for it. The mystical term I borrowed from Freud is Thanatos. Human beings are in thrall to Thanatos, the inverse, perhaps, to Apollo.

One must accept a certain level of boredom. Coping with boredom is one of the first skills a newly sober person must master. How to deal with bouts of boredom, anxiety, mild depression, and worry. Finding new coping methods is a big challenge. For me, I found that in abandoning one irrational practice--drinking--it helped to embrace another irrational practice--spirituality. There is no logical reason to believe in X, Y, or Z, but I feel that belief is unnecessary, even irrelevant. How can such an insignificant, temporary accumulation of cells suppose that it has gathered enough data to actually believe in something? No, working hypothesises are quite acceptable, as we grope our way through this dark and misty veil of the world, where so much is unknown and unseen, and our sensory apparatus so limited, and our knowledge so small. Belief, bah!

If necessary, make-believe. Nothing wrong with pretending, really, either consciously or unconsciously. The main thing is to be positive, to be aligned with that which is good and wholesome. Kindness, gentleness. As far as theology or theory or doctrine goes, that sort of things gets rewritten and revised every Aeon, and who knows, really? Perhaps some things are quite beyond full comprehension by the mortal mind, but is comprehension really necessary in the first place?

I would rather spend time contemplating Light than digesting alcohol sugars (and getting fatter and slower). Simple as that. I think being a touch anti-social actually helps, because so many self-congratulating, very self-satisfied social people I see require the drinking of alcohol in order to be social. If alcohol is the only way to be social, then perhaps it is not worth being social with such individuals. Sober people offer better company, in general.

Climate Change

Doomsy Day, as I call it, has been a popular subject since before our day, going back thousands of years.

The Atom Bomb is the most popular and prevalent catalyst supposed to bring about Doomsy Day. Prior to the advent of the Atom Bomb, people had to deal with diseases such as the Bubonic Plague that threatened to wipe out, if not everybody, a whole lot of people. Then the Christians were always fretting about God's Apocalypse, wherein anyone that wasn't right with Jesus had to pay the price--or be forgiven all their sins, depending on one's spin of religion. Plenty of religions have apocalyptic themes, because our ancestors had a rough life, and wrestled with diseases, warfare (often incessant), starvation and malnutrition, oppression, and even meteor strikes, hurricanes, floods and other calamities.

In my youth, we only really worried about the Atom Bomb, and it's still a worry, and isn't going away but is actually getting worse. The likelihood that some fool or group of fools is going to blast his enemies away with nuclear fission has increased, if anything. At least with the Cold War, you had a restricted number of nations in the "Nuclear Club," and the technology was all so new, that the foolish leaders were quite in awe of the weapons and reluctant to experiment with them. Nowadays every two-bit ignorant-as-hell regime on earth is hell-bent on getting nukes, and that scenario isn't going away anytime soon. Part of the problem is that the U.S. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, alarming all the other two-bit, ignorant-as-hell regimes, to where they reckon they need nukes to protect against U.S. invasion. But you know, China is no walk in the park either, and may well start invading other countries too, one day soon.

Nowadays, climate change is the big boogie man, and just like nukes, I foresee NO SOLUTION, only pain and suffering for the world's population, not only of humans but all living creatures. Drastic, rapid change is going to result in a whole lot of death and poverty, and the poor people are not going to be taking it sitting down either, they are going to rise up, but they will face armies of drones hired by the rich to protect property. That is my sober (and sad) prediction. When times get tough, instead of pulling together, people often pull apart.

Of course, Republicans are extremely concerned about climate change. Not.

China doesn't seem too bothered, either, nor India, nor many other countries outside of Western Europe, and Western Europe has been enjoying a free ride on America's back for the past fifty years. They get to tariff us, and we don't tariff them back, and they get free military defense, while the U.S. taxpayer bears the whole cost. Nice, I'm sure they can fret over global warming under such a great situation.

Anyone living on the coast has to be asleep at the switch at some level. Every year is a roll of the dice. Although, I suppose for people over fifty, the thought may arise, not much time left anyway, and the good years are in the rear-view mirror anyway.

I think that environmentalists are too harsh on their fellow humans about climate change. Really, climate change is not something that H. Sapiens evolved to cope with. We do not have such high capacity. We are indeed fools. "What fools these mortals be!" as Shakespeare put it. Asking people to sacrifice thousands of dollars for a payoff in the distant future, when all these foreigners are not committed to sacrificing anything, is too much. Should Americans pay, yet again, to save the world, when we already saved the world from Nazism and Communism? Christ, we're not Christ. Can't somebody else step up? How about China? Well, China's a greedy, ruthless fascist state that cares nothing for anyone or anything save the enrichment of Communist Party leaders. Russia's a mafia state. What else is there? Europe is a Tower of Babel, too many different languages, cultures and petty little regional governments, they could never come together over the smallest thing, and they make foolish decisions anyway, like letting in the Islamist terrorists and forcing member states to accept knife attacks and bombs blowing up in coffee shops. The general man on the street does not particularly want to watch his body parts blast across the street, just because some politician wants to score points at an international conference.

So, the world can't do anything, because there's no leadership, and the only thing H. Sapiens is interested in is individual wealth and power. The good of all is a foreign concept, kind of a liberal, hippy notion.

At any rate, the world is a-changing, and there's no stopping change. Even the strong and the wise will be impacted. There is a great deal of random on the way. The best one can do is get prepared. Abandon the coast, first of all. That is rather obvious. Other than that, move North, because North is cooler, at least in these United States. Living in a tropical environment has not seemed to be a good thing economically, if we survey the countries of the world.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Trump the Grump

Trump the Grump earns a nickname, "The Father of Racism," for the ways he has divided the country between black and white. Such a base and low buffoon that tracks toilet paper into Air Force One.

As for Kavanothing (Kavanaught), who places so little value on honesty, he had better steer clear of the bottle. That was his downfall all along, and it shows how little he understands himself that he still swallows the old poison. He must really despise himself, to get up there and say what he said, just to get that office he wanted so badly. Keep on drinking, Kavanaught, you may be useful to us yet. Everything you do is now tied to the Republican Party.

Republicans just do whatever they want without any regard for ethics. Zero aspiration for the spiritual, zero value on truth, no affection for the country whatsoever. The only thing that can be said about them is they insist upon loyalty to party, which means lying and cheating all the time. Tell the truth for once, and you get kicked out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What We Need

If Trump were sincere about making America great again, I'd vote Republican, sure as day. Sounds like he just wants to grind personal axes. Always with the partisan politics.

What we need in this country is pretty simple, nothing complicated about it, and I think this should be the Democratic Platform for 2020:

1. Better roads, highways, railroads, trains, trucks, and airports. Better transportation with fewer accidents; faster, efficient transportation.
2. Better Internet. High-speed (1G) Internet to *every* house in the U.S. of A. Yes, this should be a priority.
3. Better water. Everyone in the U.S.A. should feel confident that their tap water is safe to drink. Mothers should not have to buy bottled water to wash their babies.
4. Legal marijuana. The drug war needs to be significantly narrowed in scope. That does not mean, marijuana while driving. Only, legal marijuana, where you can buy it, in a sealed package, from a local store.
5. Continued tariffs against China, on into perpetuity. We need to shift all production away from China and to the U.S., or at least the next-best option, Mexico or Canada, our friends. China is certainly not our friend.
6. Immigrants should be allowed in a temporary visa, only on condition that they pay into Social Security and pay taxes. They should not qualify for any Social Security benefits. This would be a compromise to keep Social Security solvent for our nation's retirees. Yes, it is for them, but also for the nation's farmers. Mexican immigrants are just plain better at agriculture, period. Time to accept that. A little bit of honest work for the Mexicans would help both sides.

How to pay for all the above? Well, #4, #5, and #6 are income-producing plans, so actually we are talking about a net positive for the U.S. Treasury. More tax money being paid by immigrants, more money coming in from tariffs, and taxation on marijuana.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Deep, Deep Desire of Republicans

The government on Republicans is like the brain on drugs. Here's a case example. There are thousands of examples like this. Government is abandoned, neutralized, as big business screws the consumer any which way to Friday. Workers have no rights, the country's infrastructure crumbles, and the educational system gets to be a joke. In Europe, meanwhile, people enjoy 1 Gigabyte internet speeds, while the people voting to "Make America Great Again," lag behind at 1.5mb -- if they're lucky.

Which brings me to my point. Republicans vote against their own self-interests. It is as if they have a strange deep, deep desire to let all the big businesses to do the nasty from behind. They want to lose money; they want to be poor, and they want their children to be poor, too. It is an odd sort of desire, but that's Republicans for you. Don't like themselves, don't like their families, want to fail, want to suffer. Slow internet? Great! Poor education? Super! Crumbling roads and traffic accidents? Heaven! Make America like 1850 again!

Capitalism is fine and dandy, but there needs to be some kind of sheriff around to make sure big business doesn't just set all the rules. Ever heard of the term, "monopoly power?" That's when a big business can just set prices and service levels any which way it chooses. That is the situation with Internet in this country, which is coming to look like a Third-World country. Trump has done zip, in fact he has made the situation far worse for people by gutting the FCC and all the other federal agencies. He is making America look like 1850, whereas the Chinese are light-years ahead of us already. The truth is that businesses will want to relocate to China to enjoy better roads, better transportation, better Internet, more advanced everything. America will resemble Africa. Thanks a lot, Trump. I guess he and his tribe plan to relocate to China after they've finished their hack job on America.

The Mighty "P"

Really we have a phallic-phobic society on our hands.

I remember back in the day all kinds of horrible traumatic things at high school, condoned and in some cases instigated by school teachers and administration. These things will never be investigated, publicized or lawsuits filed, and no one will have their career ended over them. They just happened and warped minds and altered lives. Oh, well! So, we had a sorrier generation as a result, because the elders were screwballs that did not know what time of day it was and did not really care to do their duty and do right by the young ones.

What is getting publicized, investigated, lawsuits filed and millions collected? Why, anything at all involving an active penis! Oh, my! If such an organ is involved, stop the presses! Suddenly it becomes a crucial problem of enormous significance.

Really, there is a lot of hypocrisy all around. People acting self-righteous and channeling their Puritan ancestors, as though they don't squat every day over the toilet.

Now in regards to our latest Supreme Court nominee, my own personal inclination, at first, was, what's the big deal. Teenagers do stupid stuff. And drinking? Well, girls going to an unchaperoned party where boys are drinking is not the best and the brightest idea in the world.

However, I also think someone aspiring to become a LIFELONG JUDGE on the SUPREME COURT, should be held to a higher standard than the other 99% of us. Like, I am not aspiring to such a high and mighty position. Think about it. A Supreme Court justice is probably more powerful than your average U.S. Senator. Because they never face elections and can do pretty much as they damn well please. What we need are impartial, non-partisan seekers of the objective Truth, and upright moral and ethical SAINTS, as well. A really tough bill to fill, no doubt, but the country has many to choose from and plenty of applicants.

So, that is my position in a nutshell. No, I don't think Kavanaugh should get arrested or be removed from whatever current job or position he has now. However, a lifelong appointment to the most prestigious court in the land seems wrong, when he has attacked the women-folk, according to sworn testimony, which he disputes. True, it's all in the distant past, and memories can be vague beasts, but that certainly has not helped the Roman Catholic Church one iota, now has it? My notion is that these women, and there are more than just one, don't like him on a personal level. They knew him as a young man, found him to be a bully, and remember certain words and deeds, and have trouble reconciling that with the notion of him sitting on the Supreme Court. Certainly, a bully is not someone anyone should want as a judge.

There is also the problem of Kavanaugh being just a total tool and complete lackey for the Republican party. Whatever happened to independent judiciary? This guy has been paying dues to politicians all his life. He is nominated, not due to his scholarship or eloquence, but for payback, and this is pretty clear to anyone with eyes to see. He sounds angry, not because the charges against him are without merit, but because he sees all he worked so hard for, just about to slip out of his grasp. My, how those who crave power do rage! Don't worry old salt, there's a keg o' beer waiting for ye when ye get home. Just drown out your sorrows, but don't throw any mixed-gender parties, is my advice.

Now all of this does not necessarily mean the right-wing doesn't get their Justice. Go get your justice, just nominate someone nicer. That is my advice. Due to Republicans being lazy as the day is long, they just don't want to put forth any effort into getting a new one. So, vote for Kavanaugh and reap what ye sow. He can always be impeached, when the Democrats get in. There will be something on him, or maybe the Democrats can just make something up, like Trump does all the time, on a daily basis. Apparently we are living in a post-Truth world with Trump, so my idea is that the Democrats can just impeach all the conservative justices, and be done with them. Just like Trump gets rid of FBI staff he doesn't like.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh

Trump has done a real service to the country by nominating such a perfect representative of his own ideology and character.

Oh, those dastardly Democrats. How dare they scrutinize one of our wonderful President's sterling nominees? How dare they question such an unquestionable virtue and dignity? This upright gentleman should get a free pass straight to a lifetime appointment on the nation's highest court. What's with all the difficult questions? The questions are supposed to be easy, like "What is your favorite color," or, "What did you base your thesis on in college." Also, no digging into the past. The past is the past, right? What someone did before doesn't matter, right? We should just let all the criminals go without prosecution, because the past is the past. Open up the jails, release the prisoners right away. The past doesn't matter.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Donald Michael Kraig's Great Work

"Modern Magic" was Kraig's Great Work, just splendid in every way, and so far above texts that came before. I have found it of immense practical value. Every chapter is an eye-opener, packed full of exciting information and ideas. Every writer seems to have one great work, and that was his. I don't know of anything that even comes close.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Seems one cannot escape the influence of Lackluster Lowly (my nickname for A. Crowley). That he was gay doesn't cut mustard with me. You know, just because someone belongs to the same tribe, does not mean they escape criticism. I prefer a straight guy any day of the week if he comports himself well with dignity and ethics, as opposed to a gay that does the opposite. Lackluster Lowly did some bad things that we know about, and probably a lot of worse things we don't know about and would rather not know about. Frankly, I'd prefer he were straight, so as not to besmirch the noble gay tribe. Fortunately, straight know-nothing homophobes like Donald Tyson are under the misapprehension that Lackluster Lowly was straight. Good. Keep on thinking that.

Well, turns out, Lackluster Lowly made important contributions, or at least they are widely accepted and taught by the big-time magicians that have written the best books for the reading masses. Whether you pick up with Donald Michael Kraig, Donald Tyson or anybody else, you're likely going to see them quoting Lowly not once, but a dozen times. I just deal. I will even learn and practice his stuff. Why? Because it has been adopted and accepted, that's why, and I don't see anything better available at the present time. It is passable and purported to actually work. So, the options before me are either forge my own way or adopt what the teachers have to offer. I figure, go with the teachers, at least when starting out, because it is just possible they know what works.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Iran is a country that could have been. Could have been awesome, with oil galore and a hungry people ready to embrace modernity. Except for the crazy buffoon Islamist reactionaries. Constant bickering and trouble with the U.S. seems to be the overriding goal of Iran from the 1970s to the present day, and Iran has nothing to show for its policy.

Due to Iran, there has to be war all around Israel all the time. The Palestinians have to be terrorists, killing random kids and women. For as long as the Palestinians embrace random killings, they do not deserve any concessions. The idea that somehow Israel is to blame for all of the trouble is pretty cute, when all the Israeli man on the street wants is peace and security. The reason for the so-called "repression" of the Palestinians is pure, raw fear of terrorism. There are many Westerners that put an eye mask on. They pretend not to see terrorism. They pretend it doesn't happen. Or, worse, they imagine killing is justified, because of X, Y, or Z. That is pretty unacceptable to those on the receiving end of terrorism. And in the end, you shack up with terrorists, and sooner or later the terrorists will turn on you, as the Europeans are discovering. The one thing a terrorist doesn't like is peace and calm.

If the terrorists win, guess what, welcome to a terrorist nation, where beheadings and torture and extremism become the norm. Iran and Syria are cases in point, where the world gets a glimpse of exactly where the Palestinians would go, if given half the chance. They would, of course, follow the model of their chief sponsors, Iran and Syria. They would not necessarily have a choice, because Iran is the main player over in their world. Torture, extremism, mass executions, repression. That is what a lot of Europeans want for themselves, which is why they invite in millions of Islamists as "refugees". It is a curious part of human nature that, given a reasonably good society, people want to introduce and embrace violence and atrocity, because at some level, they have an irrational need for suffering.

If anyone is wondering why Britain is having to deal with Brexit, the reason is simple, that the masses of the British people do not really want to embrace bombs blowing up in public and people getting beheaded on the street. The politicians show the world how "nice" Britain is to the poor, poor, suffering masses of the Middle East, who express their gratitude by opening the arteries of the random British subject. Well, now there's Brexit to deal with, due to the blind stupidity of the liberal politicians that wanted to butcher their own people in order to signal virtue on some level to other politicians in their immediate circle. Poor policies of the past are coming home to roost, and the economy suffers as a result.

I think Britain should turn to the Americas, Canada, the U.S., and all the other countries in the New World, and strike trade deals with its natural allies, rather than dicker around with the E.U. Let Europe turn eastward, as it seems to want to do anyway. In time, Europe will become like Turkey.

The U.S. should bring all of its troops home and let Germany pick up the tab for defense of Europe. Maybe Germany can reinstate the draft. The social programs, retirement and medical, can be abandoned to pay for the defense of Europe. The time when the American taxpayer paid for everything, well, that time is about up. Time to bring our troops back home and let Europe pick up the tab, for once. Seventy years is long enough, time to pick up the check, you moochers. Europe wants to slap the U.S. with tariffs, well, that is biting the hand the feeds it. Europe should enact negative tariffs on American products, that is, pay our businesses to import their products into Europe. Either that, or learn Russian.

Harvest in the Prisons

What we need is a good harvest-time in the prisons. Anyone who has killed should be killed, same day, same hour. Just get it done. Prior to execution, the maximum possible amount of blood should be extracted in order to help those in trauma. Following the execution, organs should be harvested to help those in need. Execution should be by hanging. Worked before, works now, and it is a symptom of chronic stupidity that the State dithers around with questionable chemicals from unreliable sources. A rope is all that is needed.

If this practice were followed, not only would the taxpayers receive mercy, but these killers would not have the opportunity to kill again. It is really atrocious when killers get paroled and kill again, or kill prison guards or even other inmates. Violence within prison is a huge problem. The idea that it is somehow better for the State to keep a killer in a cell for fifty years is just nonsense. Eventually, the killer is going to figure out a way to get back at either the guard or another inmate. And if parole ever happens, watch out.

The main reason that some people, often termed bleeding hearts, oppose the death penalty, is that on an unconscious level, they want to die themselves. They want their loved ones to die as well. They welcome death into their lives. Thanatos is the irrational impulse that moves people to want to embrace danger and death. They see in killers, not something to be avoided, but opportunity to rejoin the Void, to become annihilated. But Thanatos should not write public policy.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mexico Should be Our China

I always felt like China was a stupid idea from the get-go. If there really are segments of the production chain that just have to be handled by very low-wage workers, then Mexico fits the bill, and cuts transportation costs by more than half. The whole problem has always been the drug war and the enormous amount of crime and corruption in Mexico. Cleaning up Mexico was never a priority for Washington, D.C. We figured, it's their problem, neglecting the fact that many of our U.S. citizens have fallen in thrall to meth, heroin or cocaine, supplied by criminals south of the Border. Both sides lose, not just Mexico, when crime lords rake in billions at the expense of human suffering through addiction. More than likely, the U.S. loses more than Mexico. Meanwhile, China gets richer, while Mexico languishes and sends its workers North to find jobs. And China has made it abundantly clear that they hate the West, want to take over Taiwan, and are interested in taking over all of Asia, actually. I imagine Alaska and Hawaii too, one day.

Why didn't Mexico become our China? The main problem with Mexican society has always been crime and corruption, fueled in large part by the long-term, continuing criminal class of the drug gangs.

As for the big drug war, I would suggest legalizing pot in all fifty states. Just blanket legalization, stop the gears spinning altogether, just drop it. The people know marijuana is not so terribly horrible, and it is preferable to alcohol by about ten to one, any day of the week. Anyone who thinks pot is worse than alcohol, they do not understand the first thing about medical science.

One thing is for sure, the people can really get behind a war on drugs that targets real, hard, horrible, addictive drugs. There won't be any sympathizers of high ethics for things like meth. Everyone knows meth = death. The only good meth dealer is a dead one. That was the best part of the show, "Breaking Bad," that all the meth dealers eventually got theirs.

Probably, hallucinogens should also be legalized. Anything like LSD, peyote, or mushrooms. These things are not subject to addiction either and most people have no interest, or very limited interest, in them. They are not party drugs.

So with a much narrower scope on the drug war, the people really can get behind a much more aggressive drug war that really pulls out all the stops. What is left on the other side are just hardened criminals, instead of foolish potheads. The drug war can be recast in patriotic terms, and young people recruited as front line soldiers and informants. If the drug war really targets truly harmful substances that without any doubt ruin people's lives, there is no longer any moral ambiguity, no room for reasonable people to disagree. Meth, heroin, fetanyl, cocaine, things like that. Now, some libertarians may balk at cocaine. They point to use of the coca leaf. Well, the coca leaf is O.K., it is a mild stimulant, unlikely or impossible to lead to overdose. Cocaine is a man-made concentrate of the active principle in the coca leaf. That is the problem with cocaine, that it can become extremely addictive.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Stupid Gadgets

Too bad, all these stupid gadgets people waste their money on will soon cost more due to tariffs on their foolishness. It is about time something was done to counter-balance this huge tax break that businesses got away with. Americans waste entirely too much money on frivolous junk from China, and meanwhile, the Chinese are building roads and factories that can easily be converted to military material. Either get used to tariffs, or get used to the idea of your future generations being slaves in Chinese labor camps and you being dead. That is pretty much the stark choice before the U.S. today, and it is pretty sad that it took a fool like Trump to see what was so blindingly obvious for the past twenty years. The Democrats, in particular, have no excuse, because they were supposed to be the party of labor.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Intellectual Rigor and the Church

The reason modern-day religion is in trouble is that modern-day man is better educated, and intellectual rigor substantially higher than the Middle Ages. Yet most religion remains mired and pretty much unchanged since the Middle Ages, with but a few concessions for say, sex and sexuality. All things must evolve with the race, religion is no exception to the rule. Our understanding has increased, yet the Church treats its adherents like children, and its priests exploit the children, not merely for sexual gratification but for money, power, and influence.

I resent the Church of my youth. They didn't teach me zip about spirituality. They were havens for bullies, really. Nothing spiritual about them, in no way, shape or form could they bring anyone closer to God by a dust mote. They just said, God is love, so pray a lot. How to pray? Just clasp your hands together, close your eyes, and talk to Jesus. Oh, and memorize all the names of the Books of the Bible. Study the Bible a lot. Well, you know what, the Bible is primarily a history and not really that great as far as spiritual instruction goes. A whole lot of Thou-Shalt-Nots and Fear-Me-For-I-Am-All-Powerful. Well, if God's such a Bad Ass, then I guess he doesn't need the likes of me to support him. The truth is that all of the truth is simply not present and accounted for in that book. It is partial. There is a lot that is missing. And much is open to misinterpretation. The Bible has opened the door to as much mischief as good.

I don't think modern Churches have much to do with spirituality. I sense only a very dim background hum in a Church. It is nothing like what can be known directly. True religion seems only possible on an individual and private level. The minute people start talking about God, there seems a dilution. Something goes wrong. Money and greed become big factors. Then people try to out-do each other in outward piety. There is a lot of posturing. Social games are played. Real growth just does not happen. Instead, once a week, lectures on rather mundane topics. Nothing to really enhance spiritual power. No real methodology, nothing that works on a personal level. All is designed simply to enhance the power of the institution. As for the individuals, screw them. Get their money, their allegiance, even their genitals, apparently.

Problem is, modern man is smarter than he used to be, so all the things that the churches got away with in the past, well, they can't get away with them anymore. The jig is up. People see. Things get reported.

Sad that churches have profaned what is really beautiful and profound. Real religion should be maintained on a personal level. Those incapable of doing that, due to stupidity or immaturity, I suppose they do need churches, as it is better than nothing. Perhaps there should be a catch-all last resort for the morons.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We May Need Trump

One thing Americans need to consider is that we may need Trump.

Alone among the Washington politicians, only Trump has awoken to the fact that the world is eating our lunch.

The trade deficit, the Federal debt, and the fact we provide free security for the whole world means that our people suffer and die. Say goodbye to Social Security, and health care in this country is just a bad joke, a chess game of multiple insurance policies. The people as a whole are in debt either for education, which the Europeans and the Chinese get for free, or health care, which those foreigners also get for free.

My views are reflected in this essay on CNBC. I think Obama and all the ones who came before him, Republican and Democrat alike, were asleep at the wheel. They did not realize that America's Sun was sinking. They got us involved in all these damn-fool foreign adventures, ballooning for Federal debt for no good reason and with zero return on investment. Meanwhile, other countries were not asleep at the wheel. They invested in infrastructure, medicine, and education.

What we need is fair trade with other countries. Zero involvement in the military conflicts of other countries. Let Europe pay for its own defense, for once. If they fail, too bad. Maybe they can fight in resistance underground movements against Russia for the next five hundred years and see how they like it. What is needed in this country are not just jobs, but really good jobs, and real manufacturing and production. Companies like Apple that betray the United States do not actually need to exist in the first place. They can move over to China, relocate and spend some time in Chinese prisons getting reeducated.

Trump is right to question why the U.S. foots the bill for security for the rest of the world. He is right to question why other countries get to take our jobs, our factories. These are questions other Presidents simply didn't bother to address at all in any meaningful and concrete way. It is almost worth putting up with the atrocious behavior of the Trump Administration in order to see some action on the trade front, and put these so-called "allies" on notice that their behavior is not without consequences.

Monday, September 10, 2018


The worst thing you can do for a software company like ACDSee is buy their software. They don't know what to do with the money. They use it to churn out meaningless, unwanted spam emails, which they send to me from the point of purchase to Doomsday, making me regret ever coming into contact with ACDSee. In addition to the spam, ACDSee sees fit to advertise on the user's desktop, as well, turning the home computer into a billboard for their products. Nice way to screw the customer, eh?

You can forget about ACDSee making meaningful improvements to their product, too. The most they will ever do is add a special effect or make a 64-bit version, ten years after 64-bit become the standard. Buying ACDSee entitles the customer to zero updates. Instead, each year, you have to cough up more money, if you ever want the product to be updated again. More money, with no end in sight, malware loaded on to your desktop, and getting spammed to death is the ACDSee way.

One has to wonder how the spammers at ACDSee would feel if their email accounts were spammed on a daily basis.

No wonder ACDSee wants to screw with Americans--they're Canadian!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


I always thought GoFundMe was a bad idea from the get-go. Sending anonymous money to anonymous strangers. What could go wrong?

Looking at the photo of the couple involved in the latest GoFundMe scam, I think that the photo alone would have been enough warning for me. Much can be deducted by the expressions on the faces, the clothes, the body language. No words needed. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, by golly, it might just be a duck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Poaching, Of Course

A people with zero intellect certainly is going to kill all the elephants for their ivory, as we see in Africa today. Expecting those people to program computers or do any kind of brain work is precious. They know how to shoot a gun, saw off a tusk. That's it, for all time, ever. Just say goodbye to the elephants already. They had the misfortune to live in Africa, land of the know-nothing savages. Between quick money and working for a living, guess which one they choose? The only hope for the elephant is in the Western zoos, where the elephants are appreciated for what they are. I will remember the beautiful elephants in video documentaries and figurines. As for the amount of tax money we should send over to Africa, that amount is $0. Just a worthless waste of time and energy is Africa. Despite what some people think, not every problem can be solved with money.

The Only Thing Trump Hasn't Done

Trump is such a LOSER! He hasn't done the one thing he needs to do to complete the United States' transformation into a banana republic. ARREST ALL THE DEMOCRATS! Yep, every one, from both houses of Congress. Then, we will really have a civil war on our hands, and Trump will have WON!

Monday, September 3, 2018

The Next Democratic President Gets a Blank Check

Next time the Democrats are in power in Washington, D.C., they get to play by the same rules Trump does:

-just abandon any agreements signed by previous Administrations, Congress
-don't enforce any laws that aren't liked
-huge tax cuts for the middle class, 50+%
-zero concern over the deficit, spend the Treasury like it's monopoly money
-push through Supreme Court nominees any which way
-set trade policy by Executive order
-set immigration policy by Executive order
-free pass on conflicts of interest
-free pass on hiring family, friends with no experience to do official jobs
-free pass on lies/deception
-free pass on all past, present and future business dealings
-appoint department heads purely as payback for loyalty, no qualifications needed or wanted
-free pass on sexual history
-free pass on bribery/payoffs
-free pass on accepting, soliciting help from foreign governments to win elections
-OK to comment on all legal/criminal cases, influence juries/judges
-replace FBI, other department heads, gut any federal agencies not particularly liked
-fire law enforcement agents deemed friendly to "the other side" due to a text message or stray comment
-quid pro quo for foreign governments--payola=influence

So, the Democrats can enlist Russia or China. Then they can lie about it, accuse the Republicans of enlisting the foreign power, and that's all O.K. by the Trump playbook.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gun Crazy

I sometimes hear hardcore right-wingers crow about their guns, especially when they're drinking. Gun madness grips the people and poisons public living. People seek retreat behind closed gates, closed doors, high walls. The relationship of Americans with fast cars, alcohol and guns is a sick one. What is the solution? There may not be an easy solution. Perhaps victims of gun violence should seek vendetta, as was the ancient practice, and when a mad person kills their loved one, seek out the mad person's family--or tribe--and take blood price. That sort of cycle would grip the American public's imagination in a powerful way. Once the public perceives interwoven chains of blood vendettas causing public shootings, not just once a week, but multiple times daily, that is when America would wake up and smell the coffee, observe it is bitter, and throw it out with the guns.

The trouble with guns is they offer an "easy out" to the mad Desperados of the world, those in blackest despair and depression, who have given up on life and have no love in their soul for anyone or anything in this world and crave only death. The only glimmer of desire left in their vapid souls is a desire to cause pain and suffering. They are possessed by demons, indeed. They run amok, let the demon have full control. Depriving such fools of guns would not eliminate their threat, by any means, and no one should suppose that would be the case. It would however raise the bar, so that a fool would be required to put on his thinking cap (I use the masculine pronoun, because so often, the mad shooter is male) and exert courage, creativity or resoucefulness, all of which tend to be in short supply in such ignoramuses. Craven cowards lacking any imagination, mad shooters gone amok can scarcely reason their way out of a box, let alone wield a melee weapon in close quarters or aim a bow. A fit, able-bodied person would have better odds at survival against that sort of threat. Pointing and shooting a gun requires so little skill and so little will, and that is why it is perceived to be a tool of evil. Good men hate guns, but keep them handy in order to protect others from evil men. Evil men love guns and fill their minds with thoughts of killing.

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Anti-Apartheid Movement

Good liberals from back in the day opposed apartheid in South Africa and prayed for its overthrow through peaceful, non-violent means. (Radicals are a different story.)

Fast forward to 2018. South Africa's economy isn't looking too well, and the black-majority government wants to steal land from the whites and give it to the blacks. A lot of liberals think this is perfectly O.K., you know, "karma, man."

I am against communism, which is what this is, in a nutshell.

It seems to me that nowadays, the only accepted and widespread form of racism evident is anti-white racism, encountered from blacks and from the media at large. The slightest incident, the tiniest misjudgement on the part of a white person results in nationwide media coverage, humiliation and oftentimes, getting terminated from one's job. Whites get no protection. Meanwhile, the laws and public opinion favor blacks. And the situation over in Africa, where white people are just made victim and then told, "Oh well, historical injustices coming due," is atrocious.

All of this explains to a large degree Trump's successful playing of the Race card. Chickens coming home to roost. Of course whites feel like they are encircled by whooping Indians and outnumbered, and the cavalry ain't coming. That's why whites have gone crazy in some respects.

Yes, whites have gone crazy. There, I said it, so the real white racists are already rolling their eyes and hovering over the escape button to banish my thoughts. Oh, no! Liberal trap!

I think that there is a middle-ground where fairness and equality can come together. Yes, there were grievous historical wrongs visited upon the black ancestors of long ago. For that reason, we should not venerate the Confederacy or anyone associated primarily with the defense of slavery. Take down those monuments, rename those buildings and streets. It is a minor concession, a matter of manners and common sense. One should not uphold sinners. We exclude the Founding Fathers from this list because they founded the country and operated at a time when opposition to slavery had not taken hold of the country's imagination. They are excused because they operated in greater ignorance than those that came after. They are excused because their importance to the country in other respects outweighs their sin. With the Confederate Generals, politicians and so on, pull down the monuments already. In truth, it should have been done long ago. They never should have been raised in the first place. The Confederacy was a stupid idea that brought ruin to the South, and the South would have been a lot better off without it. The North was willing to compensate the South for its slaves and ship them back to Africa, you know. Think about all the money that was instead wasted on a bloody war, and for what? What did the South gain out of the deal, except exercising its foolish pride? Nothing but beautiful, gallant corpses.

In matters of history and society, I would make concessions. All should have equal rights under the law. Agents of the law must treat all with equality and be colorblind. If a business harms a person of color, it too must be held accountable. I do not sympathize with anyone who harms another based upon something so trivial as skin color. Most everyone agrees with these things in this day and age. Now, for these beliefs, I consider myself not to be racist, and yet there are many who would argue I am racist, because I do not bend over backwards and accuse my own skin and offer to pay amends in cold hard cash for the victims of my great-great-grandfathers. I am racist because I don't reject myself? Well, then, that kind of attitude results in a situation where there are a lot of racists. It is possible to manufacture racists, where none were present before.

In the present day, I do not believe that a white man, born long after the last slave died, owes anything to a black man. The sins of the grandfather are not to be visited upon the grandson. That is not justice, but racism, pure and simple, and will be perceived as such, correctly. Thus, I say no to affirmative action, and no to redistribution of property. Thou shalt not steal.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Harvard Needs to Overcome Its Racism

Like many universities in this era, Harvard is adamantly racist and filled with irrational hatred and fascism against white and Asian students. Eligible white and Asian students are turned away from admissions based on what? On the color of their skin. Nothing else. There really should be a class-action lawsuit filed against these universities. I hope that the Justice Department engages in litigation against Harvard and all other universities that seek to discriminate based upon the color of one's skin.

There is a strange siren song of fascism that appeals to a certain breed of liberal, wherein they hate their own race, because they hate themselves, desire death and suffering and ultimately want to die. Thanatos explains this impulse, the innate desire of a human being to annihilate self. However, the Justice Department has deeper pockets than Harvard U., and can keep them in the courts for decades, if need be.

Rather than lower academic standards in order to correct perceived societal ills, the universities should keep standards high. Of course they have not, and the result is that a four-year degree is not worth what it once was. Let Harvard spend all, preferably every last dime, of its considerable endowment defending itself in court against obvious and true charges of racism. I am sure that donors with any sense will observe what their money is being used for and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Cynthia NIxon and Cuomo

Somebody over at the Washington Examiner is having a good laugh watching the fracas between liberals Cynthia Nixon and Cuomo over in New York. Over at the Washington Examiner, they are conservative, so they could care less who wins. I browsed Nixon's platform, and disagree with allowing public sector strikes and with universal health care. Universal health care is good in principle, IF it is nationwide and IF managed and rolled out in an intelligent manner. A single state would likely make a botch of things and attract all the sick and invalid from neighboring states like a magnet. In the end, debt would destroy the program. Businesses and individuals flee the state in search of lower taxes. No one really wants to pay for other people's health care, if they perceive no benefit to themselves.

Only a massive entity like the U.S. Federal government has the clout to implement rules and bully providers, such as doctors and hospitals, into delivering efficient, cost-effective service. The reason health care costs so much is that 90% is waste and fraud. Everyone is motivated by profit, wanting to make money off other people's pain. The U.S. government can come in and educate a million doctors and nurses and technicians, paying for their education, room and board, and giving them a subsistence stipend to get through all of their training, and then they will have the clout to really set prices any which way they want to. A doctor should earn about $40 an hour and see no more than seven patients per day. Today's reality is far different from that.

Probably, the best the government can do, given today's political divisions between Democrat and Republican, is to demand efficiency among providers. Less useless tests that cost so much. Faster visits, less time in the waiting room. More doctors - much more. That is why we really need to just train doctors for free, so that they graduate without any debt at all. Money should not be a barrier to medical school. Hospitals should probably be run by the Federal government, and hospital stays should cost a lot less than they do. Many hospitals seem to price-gouge patients. Patients should be charged true cost, nothing more, and emphasis needs to be placed on economy. There should be no shareholders to a hospital. Now, I suppose this is what the Republicans think of as Socialism, but you know, the police department is run by the government, too. I suppose that if the Republicans had their way, even the PD would be privatized, as indeed, used to be the case in certain towns in the pioneering West. Now those towns eventually converted over to the "socialist model" of law enforcement, on a voluntary basis I might add. Wonder why that was?

Also, people should be allowed to buy prescription drugs from Canada, which has adequate safeguards and protections for consumers. It is not right that Americans pay more for medicine than any other people on the earth. It is not right that the pharma companies are making a huge profit off the pain of Americans. That whole industry seems filled with fraud, corruption and profiteering off the misery of others.

I do not support public-sector unions or the ability for them to strike. I think that if you work in public service, a higher standard of conduct applies. It's not just a job, it's a vocation, and just walking off the job to pressure the community for higher wages is really bad form. Loyal, dedicated employees are needed as teachers, firefighters and police. Unions and strikes may be O.K. in the private sector, but in the public sector, there is a higher moral standard, because service to the community is the motive, not just profit.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Trump is Low

Trump is really low for not lowering the flag for McCain, for mocking him for his military service, and generally just giving insults to a dying man. Trump skipped out on 'Nam due to being a false lying coward. Anyone who supports Trump should have their head examined. You know what, integrity matters. Honesty matters. Ethics matter. Those people who think otherwise, there is a word for them. Evil.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Zimbabwe offers an example to neighboring countries such as South Africa. There is nothing like a liberal tradition in black culture, as opposed to white culture. Blacks reject liberalism wholesale and prefer totalitarian forms of government. Liberalism is a foreign imposition, suitable on a temporary basis for purposes of political alliances, but nothing more. Seldom is representative government or protection of minorities encountered outside of Western, white countries. The ideology and philosophy of the black community is most eloquently expressed by rap music. One man, with all power and riches, disposing of enemies as he pleases, doing as he pleases, whenever he pleases, ruling by the gun.

What I'd Change about the Democrats

The Democrats should borrow some pages from Trump's playbook:

-no foreign aid (or reduced aid) to America's enemies or frenemies, such as the Palestinians, who have made it pretty clear they don't like us, and aren't willing to accept Israel.
-no foreign aid for all these countries around the world that don't really do anything for the United States. What are we, the charity bank?
-Europe, Japan, and other countries either need to pay for their OWN defense, or pay us the true cost of our U.S. military, instead of the taxpayer getting the shaft year after year.
-We need a trade war! I am all in favor. All in. Kick the behinds of countries like China that slap tariffs and other hidden or not-so-hidden barriers on U.S. goods. We need jobs!
-We do NOT need to get involved overseas in foreign wars. Although Trump lacks the courage to withdraw from Afghanistan, his successor should do it forthwith and be done with it.

I disagree with Trump on a lot of other issues, but the above makes sense to me. Less money on defense, does not mean a weaker U.S. military. It can mean we get our so-called allies to cough up the funds that they should have been providing all along. If they do not want to pay for it, withdraw all troops and materiel. I think that in about five seconds, the leaders of those countries would find the funds to pay the U.S. what it is owed. We are owed arrears! Europe can pay the U.S. national debt. All they need to do is cancel their vacations, pensions and health care. If they are not willing to do that, then I guess they know best, and our military can return to the United States.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


If I were a Venezuelan, I would write a Petition to the U.S. to invade and overthrow that idiot Maduro. That is the only way Venezuela gets better, is by U.S. intervention. Those idiots down there screwed up their economy so badly that it is beyond repair. Just destroy the government, destroy the entire system and start over. A government that cannot protect the economy is not a good government. I would like to point out at this time that the Great Recession of 2008 happened right on or after George W. Bush. The Republicans fail by not regulating enough, and Democrats fail by regulating too much. What they need to do is put their heads together and craft good, smart compromises. Instead of playing politics 24/7/365, sit down, hash it out, make things work. That is exactly what did not happen in Venezuela, where one faction just rewrote all the rules based upon ignorance and prejudice, resulting in all the able and competent businessmen either fleeing the country or losing hope and faith altogether. Hence the economic meltdown in Venezuela and a worthless Bolivar.

Republicans say Venezuela's collapse proves socialism is bad. Well, I don't care about socialism. But Venezuela's problem was rooted in two things unrelated to ideology. Ignorance & Stupidity. All these stupid, uneducated poor people came into power all of a sudden and it got to their head. They screwed up worse than the regime that came before. The first thing you need before you form a government is smart folk. Maybe not the best and the brightest. We certainly do not have the best and the brightest up in Washington, D.C. However, we have a good system and a lot of checks and balances on the stupid people, like Trump. Trump is pretty stupid and suffers from chronic foot-in-mouth disease. He needs to stick a plumber's helper on his face, just below his nose. I agree with some of his policies, but my very agreement with him makes me wonder whether I might be wrong, sometimes. However, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Venezuela could actually be a powerhouse of both continents with its proven oil reserves. What it needs is a benevolent dictatorship, ruthless enough to be rid of the Maduro idiots that do nothing but cause trouble. Every one of them need to be rounded up and destroyed, and all their support networks uprooted. The Venezuelan military today is nothing but a mafia extorting money from the poor. They are a cancer in Venezuelan society. That country needs radical chemotherapy to recover from the cancer. Violence would be necessary. Afterward, the economy would turn a new leaf, average incomes would multiply by ten to a hundred-fold, and everyone could get a good education and health care. It would be a good deal. In a better world, the U.S. would simply colonize Venezuela and demonstrate, by example, how to govern the land. The Venezuelans have clearly demonstrated they do not know how to manage their own affairs. But colonialism has a bad rep, and everyone agonizes over things like racism and cultural arrogance and so forth, so meanwhile Venezuelan mothers have to walk ten miles and wait in line for eight hours in order to buy food for their children, if it happens to be in stock at the store--otherwise, come back the next day and repeat. . .

Monday, August 20, 2018

It's About Time

If anyone is wondering what this liberal Democrat thinks about Trump's foreign policy, my thoughts are as follows. It is about time a U.S. President shaked some stick at our foreign "friends" that take so much foreign aid, basically billions of dollars in hand-outs, taking from the American taxpayer, and we get nothing in return. The amount of money, unfair trade and unfair defense that has been going on the last fifty years is over the top, and I am glad that finally someone is up there kicking their behinds.

To Hell with Iran, to Hell with Turkey, to Hell with Europe, and China is the worst of them all. All of these countries need to learn, treat the U.S. unfairly and suffer, not a little bit, but dearly, and watch your economy go up in smoke. Anyone does not like it, they can talk to the vast arsenal that is our U.S. military. The truth is we do not need trade at all. If countries want to take advantage of the U.S. and rob the American worker of his living, those countries do not need to trade at all with the U.S. The day when the U.S. always got the raw end of the bargain is over, hopefully for good.

That said, there's no denying Trump has no gift for writing, no gift for words, no ability at team-making and is probably involved in a lot of low and shady dealings. Sometimes it just takes summoning a demon to get things done. Angels are too up in the clouds with spiritual matters. Demons are down in the material plane counting dollars and cents and know what it is to want to get. Yes, Trump represents the demonic, but he is just the sort of demon that these foreigners brought upon themselves by imposing unilateral tariffs and other trade barriers on the U.S., backstabbing us in other areas of foreign policy and supporting terrorism and other problems in the world. Time to learn a lesson! Maybe next time they get someone nice and sweet like Obama, they won't take advantage of him, because after the Obama comes the Trump!

Tribute to Donald Michael Kraig

I was saddened to read that Donald Michael Kraig passed from this carnation in 2014, according to the bio in his book that I am reading. A check on Wikipedia shows the cause to have been pancreatic cancer. I never heard of the thing until Steve Jobs got it. Don't care about Jobs, do care about Kraig. I like him, based on his writing style and content. He makes magic accessible, without casting down thorns to sting minorities, like some magicians do. Magicians are only human, and of course some succumb to the usual biases and prejudices that plague all of humankind, but Kraig was different in having no real biases about anything, he was the type of guy that would just accept the whole menu as presented by the waiter and of course he had his favorites, but he wouldn't complain about the other selections and put them down. His writing is very good, and he sounded like a fellow one would want to invite to dinner--every night. I may indeed have to collect all his books. I was also saddened to hear that the widow asked for funds back in 2014 to help with medical and funeral expenses. It appears that even a prolific, successful and active person in the creative and performing arts has trouble gathering together enough funds to take care of medical contingencies. Really medical care in this country is a mess, with much waste and much cost, too much cost indeed for the average person to bear when something bad strikes. But such are the times we live in.

I am glad that he took the time to perfect his Great Work, which I think Modern Magick is, by releasing the third edition. It truly is a Great Work, in part because of his affable style and accessibility. He comes across as warm, not cold like some writers. I look forward to reading it many times over through the years. It is almost like he survives in a sense--so many people will be imagining his voice in their minds for generations to come. I think that in time, his book will sell a million, and the 150,000 copies sold figure will be a distant memory. It is ironic, but oftentimes authors achieve their greatest success posthumously. I have long appreciated that writing and other creative arts are a method, accessible by all, to achieve a limited form of immortality. The ego may not survive, but the will does, as do thought-forms, ideas, opinions. All these things persist through writing, and although not physical at all, they can achieve even greater influence than the one that produced them.

Addendum, 8/28/2018:

To my dismay, I have since learned that Kraig stole an occult skrying technique from learned magus Carroll "Poke" Runyon. Kraig published the technique in his book "Modern Magick," failing to give credit to Runyon as Runyon deserved and, over the years, requested. I think the theft was an unintentional oversight, innocent of malice, in the First Edition, but due to growing animosity between the two men, when the truth became evident, even then Kraig failed to make amends in the Second and Third Editions, which is most regrettable. Now the drama associated with this intellectual property theft is convoluted and would require many pages of text to recount and cost me several hours to unravel, but is also illuminating, because it reveals a human moral failing that jars with the pursuit of White Magic and belies the high moral claims Kraig makes in his book, rather exposing a bit of hypocrisy, and that in his own book and in his own words. A sad footnote to an otherwise great book and great author. I would have advised Kraig to write an entire page in his Third Edition, not to scold Runyon, as Kraig did, but to praise and credit the learned man, who has not enjoyed half the publishing success that Kraig has, for the matter was petty and trivial and likely the result of miscommunication. Yet Kraig chose otherwise.

The choice of pride and arrogance over right is detrimental to Spirit and, along with the general tone of the book, leads one to suspect that the author valued the material over the spiritual. I suppose most of us do. Certainly compromises must be made in order to get ourselves a living. It does not seem practical to apply the highest moral standard to every act, else we would perish or have our lifespan severely reduced. I do not trust in the providence of justice. I think I would be sacrificed in short order. Yet there are some things, I think we can sacrifice for the greater good without undue loss or suffering.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Lowering of the Bar

Surveying the public's idols, one thing is clear, the bar is low, and one needs more luck than talent, or talent is a small part of the overall package, at any rate. Geniuses don't dominate the top, but fill the middle. Over on the right, I look at big-time celebrities like Trump, Kanye West and the like and wonder what on earth people are thinking, if they are thinking. Let us set Trump's policies aside for one moment and just look at behavior. Trump just flaunts corruption and deception left and right, he is not even good at hiding it, and the Christian Right eats his words up with a spoon. They have no qualms whatsoever supporting an obvious liar and a cheater. Trump has been called out on so many lies, it is ridiculous. He could at least try once in a while to tell the truth, just for the sake of the country. So all the noise they generated against the Clintons and all the other so-called liberals back in the day is exposed as mere hypocrisy. As for Kanye, he would say anything for his two goals, attention and money, the one supporting the other. He has no real opinions or ideas, just wants money and influence, like Trump. I suppose the main thing is that people don't want to feel threatened on an intellectual level, so they scorn the best and the brightest and select the not-so-bright, deemed more palatable and accessible. I can think of plenty better representatives of right-wing philosophy than Trump, so why didn't they get nominated?

I think Christianity for a lot of people has not so much to do with religion or belief. I think it is a tribal identity. People identify strongly with their own tribe, their family and friends. They will support whatever the tribe wants. Loyalty is the main thing. It is like the mafia. As for the religion, it is just a bunch of words reinforcing the tribe and its agenda. It is a suitable dress for the public to observe. Look at us, we're pious, you cannot impeach our piety, the Lord is on our side. Yeah, right.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

I Quit Reddit

I quit Reddit today. Attention addiction is just another addiction and just as harmful and soul-diminishing as alcohol. Attention whores are as common as drunks nowadays. Best to nip it in the bud. I gained little from exposure to internet personalities but cold comfort.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

N.R.A., Guns, and Gun Laws

I am not passionate about guns, but live in a country that is. In the U.S., gun deaths are an epidemic. Every few days, some man gets mad, takes out a gun and wastes a bunch of civilians. Could be me next, could be you.

Now, the threat is the angry man with the gun. Trying to find him before he strikes is like whack-a-mole. Too many of these nutcases. What do we do about that. Liberals say, it is easy, ban the gun. Conservatives say, no one is taking my gun. I say, stop the shooting.

The liberals have data on their side. Gun deaths are less in countries with strong gun laws. Conservatives have history on their side. The U.S. has had guns for so long, and has so many, they are practically a part of our DNA. I don't know how anyone would go about getting rid of all the guns. There are just too many. Everyone and their brother has one. Nowadays you can download a gun over the Internet and print it out on a 3-D printer. We live in a crazy world of violent morons.

In the end, the mad nincompoops win. Can't have a public anymore. No more school, no more workplace, no more tavern. Everyone is going to have to stay at home, behind bullet-proof walls. They work at their computer station. That is the only way to be safe.

That, of course, is not a palatable solution. There is another one, which no one wants to hear.

All the mad idiots, we have to abort their fetuses. No more uncontrolled reproduction. All these crazy ones being born and wasting resources and then killing people when they grow up--nip them in the bud. That is the ultimate answer to the world's problems, all of them, staring us in the face right now, but no one really wants to stare back and acknowledge the horrible truth, that in the end, the fault lies within us, we just need to stop reproducing like rabbits. Produce only good ones. The bad ones, don't even germinate in the first place. As you have quality control for manufacturing, so too we have a dire need for it in the human race.

Until such time as Joe Q. Public is willing to acknowledge and accept the one feasible solution to all society's ills, KABLOWEY! Read about the next blast-off, blow-up, brains splattered everywhere because some idiot got upset in the news media.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Higher Intelligence

There is a certain higher intelligence, a maturity, attainable only in sobriety, and only when desired above all else. Look down, as though from above, at this world with all its people, including yourself, and understand you are players, representations of the spirits, tiny little beings in the greater Cosmos. What is so important you must cry? Can it be anything really of weight, beside the galaxies moving through space? So, what little human being, let us call him or her X or Y or Z, what this little speck of dust, doomed to die in the blink of the eye of the Buddha, what it does or says is quite beside the point. I am saying listen to the roar of the Cosmos, and then you will view the squeak of the human beings in their proper perspective. Dust, gone and forgotten, is the fate of all, even the one that props himself up on a pedestal and croaks his silly boasts before the world of men, though he has decayed to an ugly frog in his advanced age.

You can control what you do or say. And that is all you need to do! What a relief! No need to control others or even to be concerned about them at all. Let people be people. What is wrong with that? People want to be themselves. Of course, people make mistakes, so let people make those mistakes, and if there are consequences, well then, that is a problem they will have to work out, isn't it?

There are not any things which "must not be done" by others. Others make mistakes, sometimes, terrible foolishness, but that is on them, isn't it? It is not a burden one must share or accept. I am not saying, do nothing all the time. Fight when necessary, avoid when possible, is my advice, because contemplation and work is preferable to pointless nonproductive fighting, which accomplishes little. What scientific discoveries did the Vikings ever make? Oh, do tell me about the longboat. For a thousand years, it is not much. Where is their literature, and how does it compare to our Canon? So fighting is necessary sometimes but is to be avoided, as the main glory is to be had by careful toil. I have always preferred to let the Vikings deal with the Vikings, because they will tend to devise effective solutions for one another.

I despise drinking, not for the reason of health, although that is a valid reason and supported by science, but for this other reason. Intoxication inhibits the higher intelligence, blinds us to the greater awareness, chains us to this material plane, imprisons us within our animal nature, so we do not know what it is we do or say. There is no getting around that it is evil. As to why it is popular and so common throughout all of history and civilization, there is a side of us that wants the Night. So the animal nature is definitely a powerful factor within us, and evolution's a work in progress, and it is known that monkeys, too, are fond of fermented fruit and will seek it out in the jungle. The question put before each human being is whether to indulge the base animal with its low instincts or to reach for the higher stage, for what will come next, if the species is to progress.
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