Friday, June 17, 2016

The Anti-Hillaries

I've encountered a ton of anti-Hillaries in my day, even among the left-wing crowd. The specific grievances people have against Hillary Clinton seem to me rather dubious or petty. Private email server, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and some people even claim Hillary killed somebody or ordered them to be killed. Well, I don't know about all that. The right wing says a lot of crazy stuff, like Obama is a Muslim or the AntiChrist, and so on. The right wing seems to suffer from paranoia. Just because you call someone something, does not make them so. Some people do not know the difference between words and reality. As for all the accusations levelled against her, it seems to me the facts just don't pan out in some cases, while things like the email server and the Clinton Foundation do not seem egregious. Hillary has had a long career and has been careless in some regards, but if she were really guilty of anything serious, there is little doubt the Republican majority in Congress would have gotten to the bottom of things by now. One thing about the Republicans, they are not in the habit of letting the Clintons off the hook about anything, great or small.

I think Hillary's real problem is just that she is not really photogenic and personable. Some of the photos the media prints of her are not flattering. Maybe it is because members of the media dislike her. Hillary is kind of a nerd. But I think that being a nerd is cool.

In a way, George W. Bush was photogenic and personable. I disliked George W. Bush and thought he was stupid, unfit for the job, but as a face, well, he was all right, and as a personality, certainly he would seem acceptable at a party. He probably spent most of his formative years in parties, while Hillary was out there working. Hillary is a worker bee, that is what she is. A workaholic. Would you have a good time with Hillary at a party? Maybe not, because she'd be on her phone texting, worrying, emailing and getting work done while you were goofing off. I can't imagine Hillary kicking back and drinking a beer in a hammock and doing nothing all day long. Hillary is all about the job. She is on a mission. She wants to do right and make a mark in history, a positive mark. I think she is good and grounded and does right by her own code, which is probably not too different from the code of most Americans.

Now, comparing her to Trump, I think it is clear that Trump has more problems with honesty, accuracy, and every other moral quality. I think any analysis of Trump can begin and end with Trump University. I rest my case on Trump University. If America wants to learn about Trump, then graduate from Trump University. Listen to all that Trump has said about Trump University. Let Trump be the star witness. I think that a Trump Presidency will be amusing, if not scary. I don't think it will happen. People will turn out to vote in droves to see to it that Trump does not become President. But I could be wrong. We will just have to see, won't we?

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