Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Attack

The Muslim fanatics take advantage of the kindness and justice of Western societies. Mohammed's lies result in yet more human death and suffering.  The Romans dealt with such deeds in another manner than we do. The Romans would have solved the problem one way or the other and not worried too much about the means. The evil fanatics feel safe in the knowledge that France is kind, France is just, France is benevolent, and they take advantage of that, perceiving it as a weakness, rather than a strength. The Romans would have solved the problem forever in a month, and fear would have stayed the hands of any remaining survivors. But in the modern age, we cannot react as the Romans did. I do not understand why Western countries opened their borders to immoral savages and now seem so surprised when savages behave as their nature dictates. Of course, the idle rich classes merely wanted cheap labor and that is the entire reason France invited millions of Muslims, in order to reduce the wages of the native French, but the long-term costs are apparent.

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