Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Young Dracula" Staked in Season Four

Young Dracula used to be a fun show. The first season is the best, the funniest and the most entertaining. The Count shines with wit and humor, Vlad is charming, and Ingrid and the Slayers provide dramatic edge. From season 1 to season 4, there is a steady progression towards mediocrity. Someone stupid seized control of the franchise in season 4. All wit and humor has been eliminated completely. The show is grim and depressing and stupid, with no rhyme or reason to the plot, which has so many holes it looks like swiss cheese, but without the flavor.

Apocalypsis is a mental illness common to writers for vampire shows. The writers come up with tired apocalyptic plotlines that have been tried a thousand times before. From season 3 on, many threads in the plot have been ripped off from True Blood. Vampires are going to take over the world and kill all the humans. Or vampires and humans are going to be at open war. Vlad becomes a super-powerful demigod. An Authority requires all vampires to drink donated blood or synthetic blood instead of human blood. Does any of this sound familiar to a True Blood fan?
The Count has had his role greatly reduced, all his wit absent. Renfield has seen his role reduced, and the campy talking wolf is gone. All Vlad's lines depict him as a wet blanket, a drip, a wimp, nothing anyone would want to watch for more than five seconds. I don't see any further point in watching. I'm just wondering who killed the show and why.

Television writers--or more likely, the managers who control them--have a long history of killing successful and original shows: Torchwood, Six Feet Under, House, and the list goes on. After a while the plot turns stupid. I guess the writers run out of ideas. There is a very simple solution: replace whoever is managing the writers. Otherwise, the show dies, and the producers lose money. I think that the producers of "Young Dracula" deserve to lose money, because they took a good product and completely ruined it.

The most important aspect of a show is the writing. Everything else is a very, very distant second.


Perhaps my judgment was too hasty. After episode 5, the show improved. I think the plot involving a forced marriage was difficult to comprehend or sympathize with. Forced marriages are not an issue in 2013 in Western culture. Furthermore, Vlad, as the Chosen One, is certainly powerful enough to marry whomever he desires. This observation gets back to what I was saying about the plot having the consistency of swiss cheese. If the plot is illogical, then any viewer with a logical mind is going to dislike it. The story will seem all wrong, and the characters will seem stupid and irrational and impossible to relate with. However, after the forced marriage was called off, season 4 improved a bit.

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