Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hitler Working at Big Lots

I probably should not watch WW2 documentaries just before bedtime. I dreamed that Hitler was working outside Big Lots with a bullhorn in his hand, yelling to people in the parking lot about 5% off bubble gum, a fresh new inventory of underarm deodorant, and discount toilet paper. He seemed a bit embarrassed to be doing so. I decided I could not tolerate Hitler working at Big Lots, so I went up to him and said in a loud voice, "I'm not going to shop here anymore, because you're a monster, and I can't believe that this store hired you!" Hitler stared at his feet and did not say anything in reply. I continued, "You need to clear out this minute! I can't believe you got a job here. Is the management insane like you?"

The unlikely character of the situation dawned upon me. I thought I might be witnessing a scene in Hell, where Hitler must forever work as a two-bit promoter at Big Lots, while encountering at frequent intervals individuals that recognize and confront him due to his deeds on Earth.
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